EXCLUSIVE: Miles Teller Talks That Awkward Moment & Divergent

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Instagram (@teengrams)

Instagram (@teengrams)

It was a day like any other… if you count hanging out with Miles Teller, Zac Efron and Michael B. Jordan as a day like any other. Squee!

On one of the snowiest days in NYC this year, I got to attend the press conference for That Awkward Moment, featuring a panel that included the aforementioned trio, Imogen Poots and Director Tom Gormican. (You’ll get more of the details on that another time. So fun!) After said press conference, I had the unbelievable opportunity to chat up Miles 1:1 in a freaking HUGE hotel room.

As I walked in, I noticed that Miles was eating Gummy Bears and watching some TV with his shoes up on the table, like he was chillin’ at home or something. I knew then that this would be a relaxed — and obvs fun — interview. After he offered me a couple Gummy Bears to snack on, we then got to talking about my phone case — which has a mirror, FYI, so it caught his eye — and his socks. Apparently, he thinks people steal them from him because he always buys them, but never has them on hand. Interesting…

Anyway, I know what you’re actually waiting for — the dish on all of his projects! So, without further ado, check out all the many things he dished on, including Shailene Woodley, Divergent, The Spectacular Now and, of course, That Awkward Moment:

On going from BFFs to BF/GF

"Well, it's tricky because it's hard to go from friends to boyfriend/girlfriend [then] back to friends. So I think if you're going to make that leap of faith, you have to be pretty certain. Cons [are] that you know a lot of the people they've been with because if you're friends for that long, then you've seen her hook up with different guys, this and that. So in the movie, I'm like, 'Yo, what's up with Diego? Whatever it is, because I think that guy's a loser.' If I know that you've slept with him, then it's, like, come on.

The pro's that — you want to marry your best friend. For me, I'd rather my girlfriend become my best friend. It's cautionary, for sure. But then again, I know people who've ended up literally marrying their best friend, or just a girl they used to hang out with all the time that they ended up dating much later."

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On catching friends in... awk situations

"I grew up in a town where there's a lot of bonfires out in the woods, so you could always — at some point, you'd be like, 'Oh, where'd my buddy go?' I think I'm smarter or sneakier or just luckier [because I never got caught]."

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On how far he'd be willing to go to impress a girl

"I think all the time, especially when you're first meeting a girl, you wanna show your best qualities. Yeah, you are trying to impress that person, but it's not from a place that's false. It's an exciting time, early on in a relationship when you are trying to impress that person, because I think always when you see people that've been married for a long time they're like, 'The honeymoon's over,' and it's just kinda like domesticity.

I've done plenty of things; I've learned songs on guitar and piano. You kinda strut a little bit."

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On turn-offs:

During press conference: "I don't trust a girl that doesn't eat." Adding later in the day, "Don't talk with your mouth full. Etiquette things; I feel like my mom taught me some good etiquette when I was younger.

If we're having a fight, if we're having an argument, don't try and show you're having a lot of fun with your girls. Like if we're in a fight, don't try to make me jealous. I really don't like that. I will naturally get jealous [of] something, I'm sure, I don't need you to perform it for me."

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On the Divergent process

"I auditioned for Four originally. And then there was some thought that I was gonna play Eric, so I was kinda thinking about that. Then, literally the next day, they said, 'This part of Peter we'd love to offer you.' The producers, Lucy and Doug, they've seen me and Shailene in The Spectacular Now together, and they just really enjoyed that chemistry. They thought it'd be fun to kind of invert that."

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On who's the hotter co-star between Zac and Shailene

"Shailene. I'm attracted to women."

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On his favorite kind of scenes to shoot

"21 and Over, I was pretty nervous about [walking naked], because you're just wearing a sock and the sock feels like it's gonna fall off the whole time. But then after I did it, I called my mom and was like, 'Mom, now I know what Jesus must've felt like because he was just walking around in, like, a toga, and he was pretty naked all the time.' She was like, 'It was not a toga, first of all. And you're in a tube sock.' It was cool; movies can make you look pretty cool, but they can also make you look... foolish.

The action stuff in Divergent was something that I really latched onto. I grew up my whole life playing sports, and a lot of my buddies in high school were wrestlers. One of my good friends is a Navy Seal. I can't do that at all, but at the same time, I grew up — I was not an inside kid. Actually, I was kind of an inside kid, piano lessons, playing video games and all that stuff, but I was always outside with some kind of ball."

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On other up-and-coming talents to look out for

"I'm gonna go filmmaker, and I'm gonna say Damien Chazelle. Damien directed Whiplash. First off, I think the movie is absolutely incredible. When you watch it, you will see a very assured, strong, unique director's touch. Damien turned a short film into a feature-length film in one year. I think he was one of two people to do that at Sundance. We filmed it in 19 days, and had it completely done in nine weeks. I think when people see the film, they'll be really blown away. He's somebody to watch.

Kaitlyn Dever's a really good actress. She's in The Spectacular Now, she had a small part. She was in Short Term 12; she was in Justified. She was telling me that I need to be nicer to Shailene."

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