17 Movie Couples With Super Complicated Relationships

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Most of the time when people watch a couple in a movie they wish they could have something that special. However, not every on-screen couple has people envious of their relationship.

For instance, Edward and Bella from The Twilight Saga are just about the most messed up couple out there. Not only does he want to kill her (since he's ya know, a vampire), but he's insanely protective, and she is far too willing to give up her entire life for him.

There are definitely other movie twosomes that have had their fair share of relationship struggles, so we thought we'd put them together for your viewing pleasure. To see seven movie couples with complicated relationships, click through the gallery below! Which couple do you think has it the worst? Sound off in the comments!

1. Katniss & Peeta From The Hunger Games

Well, they're sent to arena to fight to the death, and she basically uses his crush on her to get people to like her.

Photo: Lionsgate

2. Julie & R From Warm Bodies

He's a zombie, she's a human, and her dad is a zombie hunter.

Photo: Summit Entertainment

3. Rose & Dimitri From Vampire Academy

He's her instructor -- and quite a bit older -- and they're both tasked with protecting the same person. Seems like that could be a conflict of interest if you ask us.

Photo: The Weinstein Company

4. Noah & Allie From The Notebook

She's a rich girl in town for the summer, and he's a boy from the wrong side of town. They fight hard, but love even harder. Years after they're torn apart, she's engaged but ends up spending a few days with him and they fall in love all over again.

Photo: New Line Cinema

5. Jace & Clary From The Mortal Instruments

They think they're related for a while. So, yeah. That's complicated.

Photo: Sony

6. Cher & Josh From Clueless

She's a careless teenager and he's an all-important college student. Oh, and they're ex-step siblings.

Photo: Paramount

7. Edward & Bella From The Twilight Saga


Photo: Summit Entertainment

8. Kat & Patrick From 10 Things I Hate About You

He gets paid to take her out...but then ends up falling for her anyways. But she finds out about the whole getting paid thing at prom, which certainly puts a kink in things.

Photo: Paramount

9. Aaron & Regina From Mean Girls

She dumped him for Shane Omen, got back together with him when Cady wanted him, and kept cheating on him.

Photo: Paramount

10. Josie & Sam From Never Been Kissed

Josie poses as a high school student for a news story -- but ends up falling for one of her teachers. (And he likes her back!) Things get even messier when her boss wants her to use their close relationship as a story -- and he finds out.

Photo: FOX 2000

11. Romeo & Juliet

These two are original complicated love story. We think you know how things ended for them.

Photo: 20th Century Fox/Relativity Media

12. Zack & Laney From She's All That

Popular Zack makes a bet that he can turn nerdy Laney into prom queen. The two start hanging out and he really falls for her -- but she finds out about the bet.

Photo: Miramax

13. Mr. & Mrs. Smith From Mr. & Mrs. Smith

They're (secret) assassins who are hired to kill each other.

Photo: Regency Enterprises

14. Andie & Ben From How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days

She's a magazine writer who is tasked with finding a guy to date (and dump her) all in the span of 10 days, but he's also been tasked with finding a girl to fall in love with him in 10 days time. Hilarity (and romance!) ensues.

Photo: Paramount

15. Pat & Tiffany From Silver Linings Playbook

He's just been released from a mental hospital, she's still recovering from her husband's death.

Photo: The Weinstein Company

16. Ariel & Eric From The Little Mermaid

Well, she's a mermaid who wishes for legs so she can woo Prince Eric -- the only catch is she can't talk. He falls for her anyways.

Photo: Disney

17. Belle & the Beast From Beauty & the Beast

He basically kidnaps her and she falls in love with him.

Photo: Disney

LOL! Remember when Breaking Dawn: Part II dominated the Razzie Awards?

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  • kapil saini

    This site is very sexy and hot. . . .

  • Lucimir

    What about Hazel Grace and Augustus from The Fault In Our Stars?

  • Crysania

    Erik and Christine from Phantom of the Opera: she thinks he is the Angel of Music, while he is basically a stalker who has a deformed face and lives in the cellars of the Opera…ouch.

  • Person idk

    You can’t even use the Mean Girls one.

    No one wants a relationship like Regina and Aaron.

    And they aren’t even together for like half the movie, including the ending.

  • LittleSackThing

    Where’s Scott Pilgrim and Ramona?

  • Jenn

    Totally agree with the person who said 50 first dates

  • Josie

    Rose & Dimitri! And Jace & Clary!

  • Jackie

    Not only did the Beast kidnap Belle, but she was completely into bestiality.

  • Senbou

    Wth , what about Aragorn and Arwen ?

  • Cheese

    Ariel and Eric are definitely the worst. He fell in love with her without ever actually speaking to her, then she gave up not only her family but her physical form and entire lifestyle to be with him.

  • Anni

    What is wrong with Allie and Noah? They are wonderful! :)

  • noneofyourbusiness

    and what about tris and tobais?

  • blob

    What about Sheldon Cooper and Amy Farrah Fowler?

  • Ali

    Ariel and Eric

  • Martin

    U forgot Scott pilgrim and Ramona Flowers

  • Rebecca

    What about 50 first dates!

    • samantha

      True!!!!! 50 first dates alright!! That would have to be the most difficult. And the hunchback of notradam and Pocahontas. Obviously not to forget Jack and rose from titanic.

  • Daniel

    What about Jack and Rose from Titanic?

  • Sammy

    Katniss and Peeta are meant for each other!

    • jeroen

      you obviously didn’t see the beginning of the second movie did you? :)

    • amy

      No katniss and gale were really meant for each other katniss was forced into marriage to peeta because hamage and peeta thought it would make the capitol go easier on them

      • Ash

        Did you read Mockingjay?

      • Denae

        Have you read the books? Or are you just one of those fake fans whose seen the movies and call themselves a fan?

    • Aku

      Nope. Gale!