Quiz: Which Fashionista Is Your Ultimate Shopping Partner?

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Have you ever dreamed of going shopping with your favorite celeb? Who would be your ultimate shopping buddy? Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez, Nina Dobrev, and Emma Watson are the first girls that come our minds! All four have different styles and we think they would give excellent fashion advice. From bohemian to classic, their looks are all amazing. Which girl would you choose to be your shopping partner? Take this quiz to find out! Let us know who you got in the comments below!


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  • lexi

    taylor swift i real like the way u look

  • waad elamir

    i pick ma lovli grl taylor soo love herr

  • Nika

    Emma Watson and Nina Dobrev! Love them both.

  • Isabelle

    Nina and Selena :) I can’t choose!x) xoxox

    • Liberty love

      Selena Gomez I will love. That because she’s talent buetiful and not races

  • Natascha

    Nina Dobrev

  • Natasha

    Nina Dobrev

    • cheyenne

      hi whats up

  • kim vanna

    selena of course

    • Teja

      I love taylor nd selena coz there styles are gorgeous nd amazing:) ♡

  • Ciaira

    I would definitely shop with Nina or Selena because they both dress amazing and dress the way I would want

  • Blessdava

    I think selena an Emma cause their styles are unique

  • Tasfia

    I think its selena gomez then emma watson then taylor swift

  • Ace

    I think Emma Watson and Selena Gomez because both are really mature and talented women and both have a beautiful yet sensible fashion style. I love both but I am leaning towards Emma because I just love it classy and sophisticated and British. (LOL) I also think she is a great role model for every young girl too, so is Selena.

  • Katherine

    I would pick SELENA because she is pretty talented awesome I would love to go shopping if I could that will be the best thing that has ever happen to me.i <3 you Selena