Vampire Academy Fans React to Steamy Lust Charm Scene Footage

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Vampire Academy Lust Charm Scene Still

Oh… My… GOD! If the whole 'getting hot and heavy' thing freaks you out, well, this certainly isn't the place for you. 'cause, while Vampire Academy is a film geared toward teens and young adults, it most definitely includes moments of sexual nature that totally push the boundaries.

Surpassing the shocking breaking-of-the-bed scene in Twilight — Breaking Dawn, Zoey Deutch and Danila Kozlovsky's characters fogged computer screens all over the world with the latest footage from their upcoming film. Just… look at the GIF above; you'll understand. Gonna need to update our list of Romitri moments that'll set your heart on fire. Yup.

Okay, so while we head into a corner and continue to gush over all things Rose & Dimitri throughout the work day, here are some of the reactions from fans like you:

You won't believe what Zoey Deutch fangirls over…

The Ultimate Vampire Academy Style Guide

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  • Sydney

    The movie was awesome. I read the books also and yea they change a few things but other than that it was awesome. They did an amazing job at keeping it close to the book. Even the author said she loved it. And Dimitri was soooo SEXY. So cant wait to see Adrian

  • hmmm

    I’ve read the books… well most of them

    but…. thats pretty much how the scene is, lusty, animalistic, extreme close encounter, since the charm only heightens desires

    obviously the books are much better though

  • Jennifer

    I think what we all need to realize is that they are at least trying and attempting to turn this good book into a movie. The plot might be off and some acting may be bad but at least they are trying. Don’t criticize something as being a “flop” that hasn’t even been released. Go ahead and give your assumptions and accusations but just give them a chance. Besides, I am pretty sure their acting is better than yours!

  • Best witch

    this will flop like beautiful creatures, the host, city of bones and those had better acting

  • Karen

    This movie looks really bad, I’m pretty sure it will flop :/

  • Sammy

    Can’t wait to see this movie!