Kylie Changes Up Her Look with New Blonde ‘do &… Gun Tattoo??

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Just when you thought you were safe from all the Kendall and Kylie kontroversy, the Jenner sisters manage to pull off more headline-making stunts. Fortunately, they're not as grappling as one of 'em saying she's bipolar or posting racy Instagram pictures.

In case you haven't seen, the youngest of Kim K's siblings has changed up her look in more ways than one. (Probably because of all the stress, right?) On the left, you'll notice a difference to her usual dark hair; on the right, you'll notice a rather dark addition to her ribcage… a gun!

Instagram (@kyliejenner)

The tress change is one thing, but a tattoo? Of a gun? At 16? What goes on??… Okay, that was all a bit dramatic, especially since it's not even real. That's right, it's just a temporary piece of ink. She captions the snapshot, "@badwoodx hooked it up with the sharpie tats."

Of course older sis Kendall joined in on the action as well, posting a photo of her own artwork: "don't worry, it ain't real people. creds to: @badwoodx #SharpieTat"

Instagram (@kendalljenner)

In other words, no harm done. Well, except for the damage to Kylie's 'do with all that bleaching. What do you think of the change-up? Tell us in the comments!

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  • Kerishni

    Dahlia are you crasy why don’t you like them when i’m around you won’t talk like tht to them they my biggest fan……..

  • Kerishni

    i think it is really cool of kylie’s tatoo i love her so much and she is my biggest fan rigth now….smile kylie and kendall…

  • Sammy

    Isn’t she only like 16?

  • dahlia

    i don’t like it and i don’t like them

    • selxe

      you must be fun at parties