7 Things You Should Never Say in Front of a Taylor Swift Fan

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She's one of the hottest acts out there, but not everyone's a fan of Taylor Swift. In fact, some people say some outright nasty things about the "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together" singer, and her fans are just not having it. To make it clear what not to say in front of Swifties, here's a cheat sheet:

1. "Is there anyone she HASN'T dated?" Actually, yes. MILLIONS.

Tumblr (totallytaylor-gifs)

2. "Wow, she's such a slut." A derivative of the prior statement, but pushing it even further. Don't shame the girl.

Taylor Swift

3. "She really doesn't deserve country awards. She's not even a country singer anymore!" Well, the good folks over at the ACAs and CMAs beg to differ.

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4. "She can't even sing. Period." Is she the next Mariah Carey? No, but she definitely puts on a good show, so shh.

Tumblr (youfigureoutwhyimguarded)

5. "Can't she find friends her own age?" So what if she's BFFs with younger people? You're just jealous you can't be besties with Selena Gomez, Lorde and Hailee Steinfeld.

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6. "Taylor seriously needs to grow up. Who puts their feelings out there like that for the world to hear?" She's made a killing off of doing it, so…

Taylor Swift

7. "I'm on Team Joe Jonas [or John Mayer]." Those are major fighting words.

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Anything you're tired of hearing, Swifties? Which phrase do you despise the most? Go ahead and spill, this is a T.Swift-lovin' zone.

Taylor Swift is set to perform at the 2014 Grammy Awards!

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  • Charmaine Claire Advincula

    dont hate our own idol haters!! eh kung idol niyo rin ang sirain namin dba magagalit dn kayo? hnd naman kayo inaano ng idol namin ah?!!! mga! GRRRRRRRRR!!! KUNG wla kayong alam wag kayong mamg damay!! HATERS LISTEN!! taylor is much flawless than all of you!

  • charmaine claire advincula

    hey f.i.y. in a capital w.m? swifties hate the haters because haters are stupid and losers and weirdos they even not know who is taylor swift is!!! HATErS STINKs!!!!!!! who is haters anyway? EWwwwww… go away haters taylor has an allery of yours..!

  • Spencer

    You all can seriously just stop talking about her exs

  • Lauren

    This is all true!!! Swifties hate when people say that!!!! I also hate when people make fun of her hair flips at the Grammys, she’s been doing that for years! Proof: go look at the videos from her Fearless tour. Taylor has said that she does those hair flips to cool off the back of her neck, so stop judging her!

  • Mara

    Don’t make fun of her eyes to us hardcore fans. They are one of the many GORGEOUS features she has

  • Miel

    This is so true! All of this! We don’t bash your idols so please don’t bash our idol too.

  • Sammy

    These are so true!

  • Hanna

    I have a friend who works at Taylor swifts record label and he overheard one of her people say her “relationship” with John Mayer was actually just a one night stand and then she went nuts and got all clingy

    • R

      since you don’t have any proof, how can we believe you? smh, stupid lies

    • Alice

      Did you realize how fact this sounded or are you just that stupid to post this

      • Alice


  • Anon

    Well “the good folks at the ACAs and CMAs” only include her to get her little teeny bopper fans to watch their show, it has nothing to do with her being country, and it certainly isn’t because of her talent, seeing as she has no musical talent.

    • R

      do you have any musical talent? mmm thought so.

    • anon

      well if maybe that could be true if she was only nominated but she actually won most of the categories where she was included so you can shut up now

  • Debbie

    Yeah. You’re right alice there’s no age limit for having a friend. and me or we “Swifties” love Taylor Swift! alot! :))

  • Alice

    Since when has there been an age limit on friendship I mean come on people are we really that mean!