16 TV Deaths We Still Have Trouble Accepting

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TV deaths are bound to happen — but that doesn't make them any easier to accept. Yes, there comes a time when we must say goodbye to those on TV we love the most, and while some of these deaths are predictable depending on the course of the show, there are others that take us completely by surprise.

No matter the reason behind their TV demise — even though more often than not it has something to do with someone else killing them — we still get emotional thinking about these gone-but-not-forgotten characters. We rounded up 16 TV deaths we still have trouble accepting.

Also, just a friendly reminder — this post includes SPOILERS for certain shows such as The Vampire Diaries, Scandal, and Pretty Little Liars, so you might want to steer clear if you don't want to know about these deaths.

Otherwise, click through the gallery below, and tell us which one you have the most trouble accepting in the comments section.

1. Finn From Glee

Still can't find the words to express how sad this is

Photo: FOX

2. JT From Degrassi

JT being stabbed to death was completely senseless, which is probably why we have trouble accepting that it happened.

Photo: The N

3. Marissa From The O.C.

A car crash was the cause of Marissa's death, after her ex Volchok drove her and Ryan off a cliff. Ryan survived, but Marissa wasn't so lucky.

Photo: FOX

4. Garrett From Pretty Little Liars

We always had our doubts about Garrett, but just as we learned of his innocence, he was killed on the Halloween train. And poor Aria was trapped in a box with his dead body.

Photo: ABC Family

5. Alaric From The Vampire Diaries

Alaric was like a father to Elena and Jeremy, which made it especially devastating when he died after a witch had tied his life to Elena's, and her death meant that he died too (even though she came back as a vampire).

Photo: The CW

6. Ricky Schwartz From Awkward.

Ricky's death -- from a peanut allergy -- came out of nowhere, which made it really sad.

Photo: MTV

7. Haley Jones From CSI

Her mom stabbed her to death! Plus it was weird to see T-Swift die.

Photo: CBS

8. Ian From Pretty Little Liars

Looking back on Ian's death -- from falling off a railing in the church -- we realized he was just being eliminated, most likely, by A. Poor guy!

Photo: ABC Family

9. Jason McCann From CSI

Watching Justin Bieber get shot to death was just trippy.

Photo: CBS

10. Amanda From Revenge

Getting killed on your honeymoon? Yeah, that sucks.

Photo: ABC

11. Boyd From Teen Wolf

This was especially sad because Derek was forced to kill him.

Photo: MTV

12. Chris From Skins

Chris was a "live fast, die young" kinda guy, but no one would have expected a brain hemorrhage would be the reason for his early demise.

Photo: Netflix

13. Lil Sebastian From Parks & Rec

Mini-horse Lil Sebastian was a certified celebrity in the town of Pawnee, Indiana, so you could imagine the devastation when he passed away.

Photo: NBC

14. Denny From Grey's Anatomy

This death was difficult for a lot of fans to handle. Denny had been awaiting a heart transplant, and eventually he and Izzie fell for each other. She risked her job (and his life) by ensuring he would receive a new heart, however, he died from a blood clot after proposing to her.

Photo: ABC

15. Paul From 8 Simple Rules

Similar to Cory Monteith, John Ritter passed away in real life, which left the show having to deal with how to pick up the pieces.

Photo: ABC

16. Verna Thornton From Scandal

This death was pretty crazy considering the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES was the one who killed her!

Photo: ABC

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  • I-g-g-y

    I have a hard time getting over all the deaths from the Vampire Diaries

  • Alexia

    Alison Argent from TW was the hardest for sure!

  • Hannah

    I’m sorry, but watching JB’s character get shot on CSI was hilarious. I watched it over and over again on youtube. I ain’t hatin or anything, but lets be honest…I am sure I am not the only one who thought it was funny…

  • Skylar

    Chris, Finn, JT and Paul… I watched all of those shows and each death hit me hard! Im fine with Garrett and Ian from PLL, though. They were annoying

  • Carrie

    Bonnies death was sad as hell too on tvd but I vote Dennys death on grays anatomy was soooooooo sad I cried at both.

  • gleektina1

    Finn was the only one where A REAL PERSON died so its the sadest

    • Lauren

      No, actually Finn was not the only one on this list where the actor died in real life.John Ritter, who played Paul on 8 simple rules, died in real life while filming an episode of the show. Also you spelled saddest wrong.

  • gleektina1

    fin was tho olny on where A REAL PERSON died so its obsly the worst

  • vics

    Alaric was by far the worst death. I’d gave Jeremy, Bonnie, Matt and Tyler in an exchange for him to come back.

  • Lila

    What about Sammy from Dance Academy? That was horrible.

  • Anna

    No Tara from buffy?

  • Courtnei

    Chris from skins had me messed up for weeks! I felt like I knew him personally and to see someone who was portrayed so well broke my heart! I wasn’t expecting to see him on here! Now I’m reduced to a puddle of tears so thanks teen.com.

  • Jessica

    Boyd and Finn… </3

  • nick

    Ian and Garrett from Pretty Little Liars are on here but not Maya? Are you KIDDING me?

  • cnd

    JT!!!! I still can’t watch that episode…. Him and Liberty finally came to terms about their feelings and BAM! that happened, and she found him….

    I’m tearing up….

  • Carla


    Still haven’t gotten over it :'( Chris was one of my all-time favorite Skins characters. He was so adorable and such a good person, and so… loving. And he was also so real. He SHOULD NOT have died :'(.

    Excuse me while I go cry.

  • Sammy

    Finn for sure!