Keyboard Drool: 14 Hot Celebs Who Are Babies of the Family

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We've already revealed the celebs that are the only child in their family, now we're telling you the stars that are the YOUNGEST child! Did you know that some of biggest stars in the world are the babies of their family? Robert Pattinson, Zoey Deutch, and Harry Styles are just a few of the celebs that are the youngest child in their households!

These stars must know that being the youngest child in a family has many perks. The youngest often gets a lot of attention and they can even get a little spoiled. Other big time celebs like Jennifer Lawrence and Ariana Grande know all about this, they're the youngest too! Want to know what other celebs are the youngest child in their family? Check out the gallery below! Anyone surprise you? Let us know in the comments!

1. Chloë Grace Moretz

Chloë knows all about being the youngest child! Ethan, Colin, Trevor, Brandon are the names of Chloë's four older brothers. Here's a pic of Chloë with Ethan!


2. Ariana Grande

Ariana is extremely close to her older brother Frankie! She often posts pics and videos with him and we love their relationship!


3. Hailee Steinfeld

Hailee is another girl who posts pics with her big brother. She posted this pic to Instagram of her and her big bro Griffin.


4. Harry Styles

Harry the youngest child in his family! Here's a pic with him and his older sister Gemma after her graduation.


5. Hilary Duff

Remember that time Hilary starred in Material Girls with her older sis Haylie? These two collaborate on everything from movies to music.


6. Lucy Hale

Lucy is all about her family. She posted this pic to Instagram with the caption, "My sister & stepsister look more like sisters than I do with my sister." She also has a step-brother named Wes.


7. Bella Thorne

Bella is the youngest of four children. Her siblings names are Remi, Dani, and Kaili. Here's a pic of Kaili and Bella on the red carpet together!


8. Zoey Deutch

All of you Zobots out there will know that Zoey has an older sister named Madelyn! Zoey posted this pic to Instagram with the caption, "Humans vewy sad Beyonce is over."


9. Liam Payne

Liam has two older sisters named Ruth and Nicola. Here's a picture of the Payne family together! So cute!


10. Ashley Benson

Ashley's the youngest child in her family! She has an older sister named Shaylene. How great is this fam pic?


11. Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer has two older brothers named Ben and Blaine. Here she is with Ben back in November!


12. Robert Pattinson

Did you know Rob was the youngest child in his family? He has two older sisters named Lizzy and Victoria!


13. Liam Hemsworth

A lot of people may know Liam's older brother Chris, but did you know he has another older brother named Luke? Luke is actually the oldest Hemsworth brother! Sadly, Luke was left out of this brother photo.


14. Niall Horan

Niall is also the youngest child in his family! He has an older brother named Greg. Here's a pic of Niall with Greg and his wife Denise.


Zoey Deutch fangirls over what?!

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