15 of TV’s Most Dysfunctional Families…Ever

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You know what they say — you can pick your friends, you can pick your nose, but you can't pick your family. However, one family you can pick is that of the TV families you choose to watch. And believe it or not, most of them are extremely dysfunctional.

Every family has their little quirks, but some of these TV fams have some serious issues. Take for instance the Graysons from ABC's hit show Revenge or perhaps the Spellmans from Sabrina the Teenage Witch. These are all families with problems much different than ours but, hey — to each his own, right?

We rounded up 15 of the most dysfunctional TV families of all time, so check them out by clicking through the gallery below. Which one do YOU think has the most issues? Sound off in the comments section!

1. The Graysons From Revenge

Lies, greed, love children, cheating, drugs, murder -- that barely scratches the surface of The Graysons family legacy.

Photo: ABC

2. The Hamiltons From Awkward.

Jenna's parents had her when they were teenagers, but let's not forget about that (anonymous) letter Jenna's mom wrote to her. Oh, and her parents smoke pot and (kind of) kicked her out of the house when she went through her rebel phase.

Photo: MTV

3. The Bluths From Arrested Development

We don't even know where to begin with this family. Just know that they're EXTREMELY dysfunctional.

Photo: Netflix

4. The Spellmans From Sabrina the Teenage Witch

Well, they're witches, so that has a tendency to create some drama. Not to mention Sabrina can't see her real mom or she'll turn into a ball of wax.

Photo: ABC

5. The Hastings From Pretty Little Liars

Spencer has hooked up with not one but TWO of her sister Melissa's BFs, not to mention that dad cheated on their mom resulting in Jason DiLaurentis, which they didn't find out about until recently.

Photo: ABC Family

6. The Tanners From Full House

All those people living under one roof? Things are bound to get dysfunctional from time to time.

Photo: ABC

7. The Humphries From Gossip Girl

The mom left, and then the dad ends up reuniting with his long lost love -- who just so happens to be the mother of his son's GF. Weird.

Photo: The CW

8. The Gilberts From The Vampire Diaries

Jeremy and Elena found out they're not brother and sister at all. Elena was adopted and it turns out her mother is a total psychopath.

Photo: The CW

9. The Scotts From One Tree Hill

Yeah, this family is pretty messed up. First, Lucas and Nathan find out their half brothers and are basically enemies. Not to mention the parents' marriage is crazyyyy.

Photo: The CW

10. The Mercers From The Lying Game

The Mercers had twins -- and gave one up to be in the foster care system. Oh, and let's not forget about the fact that the mom doesn't know that her husband is actually the biological father of the twins.

Photo: ABC Family

11. The Pickles From Rugrats

We guess it's really the other side of the Pickles family that is messed up. Angelica is quite the handful, isn't she?

Photo: Nickelodeon

12. The Pritchetts/The Dunphys From Modern Family

This family is basically the definition of dysfunctional -- for a new age.

Photo: ABC

13. The Griffins From Family Guy

They have a talking dog and the baby wants to kill the mom. Dysfunctional enough for you?

Photo: FOX

14. The Cohens From The O.C.

They adopt a troubled teen AND there's tons of drama between Sandy and his father-in-law.

Photo: FOX

15. The Simpsons

It's safe to say this cartoon family created the dysfunctional family dynamic.

Photo: FOX

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