20 of the Most Dysfunctional TV Couples of All Time

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Valentine's Day is right around the corner, and while there's love in the air for most couples, let's not forget about those on-screen duos who should be used as models as what NOT to do in a relationship. We get that dynamic relationships make for good TV viewing, but sometimes their dysfunction can be down right obnoxious.

Take for instance Aria and Ezra from Pretty Little Liars. Things started off pretty complicated for them since he's a teacher and she's a student, but now there's a very real possibility that he's (SPOILER) been posing as "A" and harassing Aria and her pals for the past few years. Oh. Cool.

However, there are other TV couples who make them look normal. To see some of TV's most dysfunctional couples, click through the gallery below, then tell us which one you think has the most problems in the comments below!

1. Damon & Elena From The Vampire Diaries

Um, he killed her brother. We'll just leave it at that.

Photo: The CW

2. Amy & Ricky From Secret Life of the American Teenager

These two broke up and got back together more times than we could count. Oh, and they're teen parents, which makes things pretty complicated right there.

Photo: ABC Family

3. Chuck & Blair From Gossip Girl

These two are the epitome of dysfunctional (cheating, lying, etc) -- but always managed to find a way back to each other.

Photo: The CW

4. Aria & Ezra From Pretty Little Liars

He's her teacher AND possibly stalking her and her friends. Dysfunctional barely scratches the surface.

Photo: ABC Family

5. Quinn & Finn From Glee

She convinced him she was her baby daddy -- even though they never slept together. And he got her kicked out of her house after spilling the pregnancy news.

Photo: FOX

6. CeCe & Schmidt From New Girl

CeCe was embarrassed by Schmidt, but then she developed real feelings for him. However she moved on because she wanted something more serious, got engaged, then left her fiance for Schmidt -- who was seeing another girl on the side.

Photo: FOX

7. Violet & Tate From American Horror Story

Well, Tate's dead and impregnated her mom. So that makes things pretty complicated.

Photo: FX

8. Ross & Rachel From Friends

Who could forget the infamous "WE WERE ON A BREAK!" Between their on again/off again ways, they ended up having a kid together. If that's no dysfunctional, we don't know what is.

Photo: NBC

9. Lydia & Jackson From Teen Wolf

Her love for him saved his life -- but then he ended up moving to London out of nowhere.

Photo: MTV

10. Fitz & Olivia From Scandal

He's the President of the United States, and she's his mistress. Their connection is undeniable, but there are way too many hurdles between these two to make things work.

Photo: ABC

11. Zack & Kelly From Saved By the Bell

These two are clearly meant to be, but there were lots of obstacles they had to tackle before their happily ever after. And are we the only ones who think it's weird that they each had multiple relationships with other people and still stayed friends?

Photo: NBC

12. Emma & Ethan From The Lying Game

Ethan used to date Emma's twin sister Sutton, and cheated on each of them with each other.

Photo: ABC Family

13. Jackie & Kelso From That 70's Show

These two were on again/off again more times than we can count.

Photo: FOX

14. Lyla & Riggins From Friday Night Lights

Lyla started off the series dating Riggins' best friend Jason Street, but after Jason got paralyzed, things got really complicated since he was struggling with that. Watching their friend go through that brought these two closer together -- perhaps a little too close -- and Lyla ended up cheating on Jason. However, Riggins truly did love Lyla so at least there's that.

Photo: NBC

15. Dawson & Joey From Dawson's Creek

Joey was in love with Dawson from the get-go, but things never really seemed to work out between them.

Photo: The WB

16. Deb & Dan From One Tree HIll

Seriously, how did these two stay married? It's a mystery.

Photo: The WB

17. Jenna & Matty From Awkward.

During the first season, Matty kept their hooking up on the DL, but they eventually went public and were as happy as could be -- until Jenna cheated on him.

Photo: MTV

18. Pacey & Joey From Dawson's Creek

Things were always complicated for these two -- but they really were meant to be.

Photo: The WB

19. Tyra & Landry From Friday Night Lights

Tyra and Landry started off as friends, but both of their feelings grew stronger, though Tyra didn't want to admit it since she was popular and he was kind of a geek.

Photo: NBC

20. Every Couple From Grey's Anatomy

Seriously, don't even get us started on these guys.

Photo: ABC

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