10 Things You Should Never Say to a Short Girl

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Fellow humans, we say this with love — and frustration — there are just some comments that are better left unsaid. Case in point, all of the below phrases that are made to us vertically-challenged folks (a.k.a. short people) in a way that suggests the speaker is attempting to be funny, but is actually failing entirely. To help you out, here’s a cheat sheet of 10 phrases you should never use on or in front of a petite woman:

1. “How old are you, 9?”

Comic Vine

Comic Vine

2. “Can you reach that for me?”

Tumblr (frivolouswhim)

Tumblr (frivolouswhim)

3. “Huh, so… you’re short.”

Tumblr (reactionsimages)

Tumblr (reactionsimages)

4. “How tall do you have to be in order to be considered a little person?”

Some GIF

Some GIF

5. “Aww, I can use you as an arm rest!”



6. “What’s the weather like down there?”

We Heart It

We Heart It

7. “You’re adorable.”



8. “You make me feel so tall, thank you.”

Huge LOL

Huge LOL

9. “Do you have to, like, shop in the kids’ department?”



10. “Too bad you can never be a model…”

Wiffle GIF

Wiffle GIF

Fellow short people, what’s the one phrase you’re tired of hearing? Any you’d care to add? Feel free to let us know in the comments below!

10 Phrases Every Single Girl is Tired of Hearing

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  • Sarah

    When people squat and say “now I’m your size”
    And when people say “I literally have to look down to see you and you are looking up to see me”

  • Cicely

    I don’t really mind when people say these things to me. Unlike most short people, I’m thankful that I am short.

  • Nicci

    My absolute worst is going to nightclubs and having every large male elbow me in the face when I try move onto the dance floor. #Sick of dancing on the sideline

  • Kelly McCay

    You know, I get the same kind of comments being 6’1″. “Oh, you must be a basketball player!” “Gee you’re tall” “Are you a model?” (ok, that one ain’t too bad)

  • Someshortgirl

    I’m 16 and 4’8, and this sucks for my everyday cause there are some goddamn giraffes at my school

  • Brandi

    I’m 4’11 and 23 years old and I find it really annoying when someone mistakes me for a little girl then when they find out how old I am they go around asking people to guess my age. Seriously your 23?? No way! your lying. ugh

  • Eric

    I know this forum is geared toward short girls, but I’m only 5’6 myself & have a helluva time finding pants, everything comes in 30 length & theyre still too damn long & sometimes it costs almost as much as the pants are worth to get them cut down to size

  • Kate

    “Hey I didn’t see ya down there!”
    “Wow, I didn’t think people came shorter than me!”
    “Girl you are SHORT”.
    Thank you, I had no idea.

  • akkki

    why are u stuffing socks inside ur shoes??

  • Akkie

    hey why are u wearing socks inside ur shoes ….so annoying

  • ErciaM

    A person’s a person no matter how small.
    I Dr Seuss but come on I’m not a Who. I prefer space efficient.

  • Brooke

    “I can see over your head!” or people leaning against your head ugh! To have someone bend down so you can rest your arm on their shoulder. Only good part better aim when someone makes you mad. 😉

  • Sri Sulastiyanti Sujono

    U’re sure u gonna look good in that flowly long length dress o__O ?

  • Nikei

    “Can you drive?” I’m like, seriously? -_-

    • chahana

      exactly man!

  • Ray

    No matter how short the person is, it makes no difference as we are humans.
    But hey, I am a lolicon.

  • Zhel

    They always say: “hey you can be a model.. but only in pictures!”
    Or, “you’re pretty, but… ”
    Or worst… “Awww.. You’re so cute!” Tsssh! Like, seriously? Im like.. Get out of here, now!!! LOL

  • Maggie

    1. “Oh hey midget!”
    2. “You must have drowned in the crowd.”
    3. “You’re on your heels, but I’m still taller than you! HAHAHA!”
    4. “Hey do you need a baby chair?”

  • rose

    When I’m already standing up but they still say, “Why aren’t you standing up?” “Hey, stand up”

  • jane

    “You should wear heels”

    • Lynn

      I’m 4’11” and I hate wearing heels. Hate it when people say this.

  • farr

    “Oh i’ve found somebody shorter than me! I’m not the shortest yay!!!!”

    • E-van

      OMG yes!!!! It’s FREAKING annoying

  • Emily

    One that annoys me is “oh sorry i didn’t see you down there”

  • George

    I don’t know how number 7 is bad….

    • Kat

      When someone 5 years younger than you tells you you’re cute, it’s not very appreciated. Also, we always seem younger than our age, and the word ‘adorable’ seems to apply to little girls not grown up women. Pretty, beautiful is so much better

  • Ashley

    I love that you used a Rizzoli GIF. Makes it that much better!

  • Rahn

    I believe it has been proven that the closer your heart is to your brain then the better fighter pilot you make due to less chance of passing out do to neg g”s

    • upyours

      what the what? how is this relevant?