Fashion Oops! Stylish Celebrities Who Failed on the Red Carpet This Week

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In some cases, this week took the cake when it came to fashion — have you seen the pictures of Taylor Swift, Ariana Grande and Beyonce at the 56th Annual Grammy Awards? But in others, oh boy, we have no idea WTH happened. Usually-stylish celebrities like Katy Perry, Debby Ryan and Selena Gomez failed to impress with their recent ensembles. Check ‘em out, as well as five other stars who disappointed in the past seven days, via the gallery below!

Zendaya at the 2014 Grammy Awards

Photo: WENN

Miley Cyrus on Her MTV Unplugged Special

Photo: Getty

Hilary Duff at MusicCares 2014

Photo: WENN

Rihanna at Roc Nation's Pre-Grammy Brunch Celebration

Photo: WENN

Anna Kendrick at the Hollywood Stands Up To Cancer Event

Photo: Getty

Katy Perry at the Grammys Salute to the Beatles

Photo: Getty

Debby Ryan at the Los Angeles Premiere of That Awkward Moment

Photo: WENN

Selena Gomez at the Hollywood Stands Up To Cancer Event

Photo: Getty

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11 Responses to "Fashion Oops! Stylish Celebrities Who Failed on the Red Carpet This Week"

    Hanne says:

    Hilary, Anna, and Selena look great! I’m pretty sure there had to have been some worse outfits than those this week.

    Sammy says:

    Selena didn’t look that bad!

    gaby says:

    wtf! selena and hilary look awesome

    Nicku says:

    honestly I live them all but what were they thinking? couldn’t someone tell them it looks hideous. I can’t believe it. Selena and Katy u totally let me down :’-(

    Jessy says:

    Lol at Rihanna being on that list and Fashion Police’s Joan Rivers gave her(Zendaya) the best comments on her attire of Disney stars that night.

    klimbim says: and fashion .. it’s more little kid without a taste for fashion

    lana says:

    Hillary, Debby, Anna, Zendaya and Selena look great wtf?

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