Justin Bieber Double Teams Stripper(‘s Boobs) with Friend Khalil Sharieff

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He's made headlines for everything from egging houses to sleeping in a prostitute's bed, so nothing Justin Bieber does should come as any sort of surprise at this point. However, the latest headlines involving the 19-year-old have us screaming, 'INTERVENTION!'

Just days after being taken into custody for allegedly drag racing and DUI, the "As Long As You Love Me" singer was spotted in a photograph — which we're not gonna show for obvious reasons, but it definitely exists — licking a stripper's nipple, while pal Khalil Sharieff licked the other. According to TMZ, the exotic dancer "was hired to 'perform' for Justin and his friends at an LA recording studio."

And it gets even worse — the same outlet suggests that there's also a video going around of JB "in compromising positions and romping with two strippers during which he spanks their bum and pulls off their panties with his teeth."

Justin, we say this with love — get your act together! What do you think of the latest headlines involving the Biebs? Do you think someone needs to step in and help him? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below, or on our Justin Bieber message board.

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  • Blair

    I swear if he cooked someone alive and ate them he fans will still be like “Oh everyone makes mistakes, he’s only human!”

    • Blair


  • brandy borelle

    i will still love you ,in all what you will do my love, in all what you are.is true this message will not tell you any thing ,remind even if you kill i will be there for you.

  • OneDirectioner

    Beliebers are kind of stupid because bieber is full of stupidness…

  • La’Nissa

    Justin Bieber really gets on my nearves. I mean I like his music but this kid is out of control. I mean these hard core, raging fans support him on everything. I mean just gets arrested all they say is ” he is going through a rough time right now. He is not perfect. He is only human just cut him some slack”! Justin goes drag racing in a lambragini ( car ) under the influence (drunk) and all his fans say is ” he is going through a rough time right now. He is not perfect. He is only human just cut him some slack”! So the fans are not helping him! I mean he licks a strippers nipples an all his fans are going to say is ” he is going through a rough time right now. He is not perfect. He is only human just cut him some slack”! I mean come on people!!! He is going to go murder someone and all you crazy obsessed fans are going to say is ” he is going through a rough time right now. He is not perfect. He is only human just cut him some slack”! I don’t have time for this.

  • Britney

    He is a loser.what kind if celeb licks a strippers boobs for all that 19 years only…he is the worst we should wait till he kills someone for u to stop saying its a mistake.
    I’m not a belieber he is so stupid and I hate him hope he does stuff like this more often so people will hate him

  • Lola D.

    Oh, come on! I am definitely not a Justin Bieber Fan & I think that he has become a not so nice person, but SERIOUSLY, this photo of him “licking a strippers nipple” was obviously photoshopped. Just look a bit closer, it is NOT real, okay?
    I think he has done a lot of stupid things in the past, but there shouldn’t be false news on top of it. The true things are bad enough and that photo is a fake, so stop writing that. I think, whether you like this boy or not, he has enough trouble going on, so I don’t think he deserves this.
    Sorry, but just look at this photo a bit closer and you will see it is photoshopped.
    If you don’t like him that is okay, but don’t hate him for something he hasn’t even done.
    Just saying. :))

  • Zswagger

    Every belieber is going to defend him and that’s alright but they need to know when to defend him and when to not. Racing while under the influence? Come on everyone knows that’s wrong no matter who you are you shouldn’t do it! What about if he had hit one of your family members that night and killed them, would you still defend him then? I bet you wouldn’t. Beliebers should stop crying over Justin’s ass. He doesn’t even know you exist and he isn’t going to be thanking you personally for crying over him or defending him. What fame does to people now a days. Learn to control yourself

  • Hay

    The thing that kills me about the stupid “Beliebers” is that they chose to defend him for driving under the influence. My cousin got hit by a person who was driving under the influence and passed away. If you can defend him for something so innately selfish as that then maybe you should look at yourself. The kid has talent, but he’s such an inherently douchey person that it’s not even about his music anymore.

  • Jessica P

    You Belibers are so fucking sad. You guys would defend this asshole if he killed someone. Seriously he is a piece of shit and I hope they deport his ass for good.

  • Taylor

    I so saw this coming.

  • slimm

    he just needs to gown up … he wil learn from his mistakes

  • Sammy

    I don’t think he would do that.

  • Rebeccaaa

    If you actually pay attention to the news, you would know that it’s photoshopped

    • Aislynn

      If you have watched the real news, you would know he is not the innocent little boy anymore.

      • Rebeccaaa

        I hope you know that he’s not the only one making mistakes out there, and he shouldn’t be scrutinized because other celebs do that and the media barely makes any statements when someone else does the same thing

      • Rebeccaaa

        Well maybe you should realize that he’s not the only celebrity out there that’s making mistakes. Why should he be scrutinized when there are so many other celebrities doing the same thing? The media hates him, they pick on him and that’s not fair

    • Julie

      If you actually grow up you’d know he’s a piece of crap.