13 Random Movies Teens Should NEVER Watch with Their Parents

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Time Out

Time Out

Mom & Dad — you gotta love ’em. But there are some things you just can’t share or enjoy with them around, ya know? Like some of your favorite flicks (i.e. Breaking Dawn — Part I). As fun as it could be to spend the evening at a movie theater with your parents, or even take in a film at home together, everything could turn outright awkward and uncomfortable when certain situations present themselves on-screen.

To further prove it to you, here are 13 of the many rando movies teens should NEVER, ever watch with their parents in the same room:

Breaking Dawn — Part 1

Even if your mama's into the saga, watching Edward, uhh... break the bed alongside a parent is traumatizing.

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From Jack drawing Rose's entire body to the steamy car scene, it doesn't exactly make for a familial experience.

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Spring Breakers

Drugs, alcohol, sex, guns — it's every parent's worst nightmare. Watch it with one of them, and you'll be getting lectures all night long.

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10 Things I Hate About You

"I have a d*** on my face, don't I?"

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This is the End

It's LOL funny, but we're almost afraid to laugh when Mom or Dad's around.

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The Hangover

What would they say about Ken Jeong putting his naked, umm, area in Bradley Cooper's face?

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The Cabin in the Woods

Sex scenes are already awk when you're watching it with family, but the girl in this one dies DURING it. Too much to handle.

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The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

Rape. That should explain it all.

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Can't Hardly Wait

Or, basically, any party film.

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Forgetting Sarah Marshall

Why, WHY does Jason Segel have to be naked all the time? And full frontal, too.

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TIP: Never watch anything involving Sacha Baron Cohen with your parents. Except for Les Miserables.

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She's All That

OMG, pube pizza. We can't.

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Black Swan

Even disregarding their love scene, Mila Kunis & Natalie Portman made sure this would be one of the worst flicks to watch with others.

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  • kiana

    omg this is the end is the best movie but it is so true I could barley laugh with my mom watching

  • Jessica C.

    THANK YOU!!! I was planning to watch Breaking Dawn Part 1 and Titanic (two of my absolute favorites) with my parents, but… I would probably end up getting a 3-hour lecture from my mom… I’ll just tell them that I can’t find the DVDs or something…XD

  • Weston

    I’m sorry but since most of these movies are rated R I would say “teens” don’t have a choice but to watch them with their parents.

    • Jake

      Well, considering that 17-year-olds can legally see a rated R movie in theaters, at least some “teens” can see those films without a parent. I’m sure many teens would have the choice to watch an R-rated film at a friend’s house, or online — parents present or not. Or maybe a teenager’s parents recognizes that their teen is not a small child, and can view mature content without mommy or daddy there

  • Myrthe

    since when is the girl with the dragon tattoo romantic …

    • Mellie

      It’s not up there because it’s romantic. It’s awkward to watch with parents because there are about 6 rape scenes. It’s pretty bad. I would know because I watched it with my mom, both of us completely oblivious to what was about to happen.

  • Me

    “Dad, why my ding ding is like this?”

  • Luke

    OMG what about Wolf of The Wall Street

  • Smosh


  • Carl R

    The moment when sex becomes more of a taboo than violence we as a society are lost.

  • The cool one

    I saw borat with my mom and dad. They invited me to it.

    • Andy_Sean

      God bless you!

  • Khomotjo mokgoba

    I won’t watch any movie with my parents

  • Steph

    The to do list w/ mom and my boyfriend .____.