10 Types of People You’ll Encounter on Valentine’s Day

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Valentine's Day is only eight days away now, and whether you're single, taken, going through a break up or whatever, everyone is going to be experiencing a different emotion on February 14.

However, there are 10 types of people we can pretty much guarantee you'll run into at one point or another during the infamous Day of Love. Check some of them out below!

1. The Crying Single Girl


2. The Angry Single Girl


3. The Genuinely Cute Couple


4. The Couple Who Won't Stop Fighting About Their Plans


5. The Over-the-Top Couple Who Is Trying Way Too Hard Show Off How "Cute" They Are


5. Single Girl on the Prowl


6. The Forgetful BF Who Is Trying to Play It Off Like They Remembered


7. Girls Who Are Almost Too Aggressively Anti-Valentine's Day


8. The Bitter Single Girl


9. The People Who Genuinely DGAF


10. The People — Like Your Friends and Family — Who Actually Make the Day Kind of Tolerable Because Let's Be Real, Valentine's Day Isn't That Bad So Just Get Over It


What are your thoughts on Valentine's Day? Sound off in the comments!

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  • Ashley

    I’m Tina Fey my life is complete.

  • Sammy


  • V

    You should writte about famous that birth the 14 (I birth the 14)

  • Jessy

    For real, I’m one of those going through a break up though.

  • kaelie

    this is so legitimate it’s insane.