7 Bad Lessons You Could Take Away from The Twilight Saga

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Let us preface this by saying that we heart ourselves some Twilight. No really, New Moon, Eclipse, Breaking Dawn — we'd marathon 'em all day if we could. However, when it comes to actual morals/lessons, the saga's got some pretty bad ones…

1. Clingy/violent boyfriend? Yes, please! There's a fine line between protective and overprotective, and Edward completely crosses it — over and over again. Let the girl breathe!


2. Your world should revolve around one person. Edward's not the only bad link in the relationship; Bella relies on him too much. So much so that when he disappears, she falls apart completely. It's one thing to feel hurt after a breakup; it's a whole other thing to swirl into a deep, dark depression like your only reason for breathing left you.


3. Ditch all your friends when a hot guy comes along — they'll still be there when you want them back. True friends will be there for you, sure, but we hate when girls drop everything — including their BFFs — for a guy, and EXPECT nothing to have changed. Sistahs before mistahs, people!

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4. Cut off all contact with your ex — all will be easily forgiven. Bella, you could've made him work for it just a wee bit longer.


5. Love should be based on the purely physical. Edward said it from the beginning — he was obsessed with Bella's smell; her blood. Bloodlust = happily ever after? Yeah, k.


6. Okay, let's compromise… by getting hitched. Umm, Bella's still a teenager. Couldn't you compromise by picking the next movie for date night or trying out a new food? ANYTHING else?

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7. Age doesn't matter. Jacob's a teenager when Renesmee's born and 'imprints' on her — bleh. But they have nothing on Edward & Bella's, like, 100-year age gap. Actual statutory rape here.

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LOL! Remember when Breaking Dawn: Part II dominated the Razzie Awards?

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  • Eleana Cullen (TWIHARD)

    People used to lpve Twilight before so what happened now? Your lack of love for it after it ended shows how you can NEVER be a true fan of anything EVER IN YOUR LIFETIME! You, those who loved twilight, should defend it but you just sit back and watch. Just because the series ended doesn’t mean you can throw it in the trash!!!! And this goes for all movies. The people who are posting these type of articles must be airheads for not remembering that THERE ARE MANY TWIHARDS STILL LEFT WHO WILL DEFEND THEIR FAVORITE MOVIE SERIES


  • Maddie

    I thought this was supposed to be an entertainment news site for teens…

  • Gina

    It’s funny how people use to like Twilight, now they hate it.

  • Sammy

    I miss the Twilight movies!

    • Joynae

      ME TOOOOO! They need to make another one!