What the World Would Be Like Without the Queen Herself, Beyonce

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A world without Miley Cyrus? Well, it'd be less… interesting, that's for sure. The same could be said for a world without Justin Bieber. But a world without Beyonce, oh boy. We'd absolutely HATE to see that for the following reasons…

Destiny's Child would've been without its lead woman. Or there wouldn't have been a Destiny's Child, period.

Tumblr (beyoncegifs)

Hollywood would be without one of its top power couples.

Panda Whale

The lovely little lady that is Blue Ivy Carter wouldn't even be a figment of our imagination.


Who knows? Solange may be the Knowles we'd be praising.


The Obamas would be sans their BFFs.


All the good deeds she's done and people she's inspired? Yeah, those wouldn't have happened.

E! Online


E! Online

Waitaminute — people can sing AND dance at the same time? No lip-syncing? Never would've known without this particularly beautiful human.


Dance moves like surf board would be extinct.


Nope, no one would be able to werk like this:


Beyonce gets steamy in her new music video:

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  • Saige


  • Latifah wood


  • Jasmine

    The world would be absolutely fine without Beyonce. What is she a God? She is not the best singer ever. She is a great performer I give her that but let’s be honest her latest album sucked badly. Everyone acts like she is the best thing smoking but she’s not. She’s so overrated it’s crazy. The world would be great without BeyoncĂ©. Move on.

  • Liiliy

    I don’t listen to BeyoncĂ© and I’m living fine without her.

    • lana

      haha well one you missing out! and two its not asking how your doing just stating how the world is a better place with her

    • victoria

      she is the best singer ever and has got me through so many hard times so u r free to think what u feel but dont post ur hate online

  • Sammy

    Beyonce is amazing at what she does!