Announcing Jonas Brothers Version 2.0! #JoBrosBackOn

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What is going on? First the Jonas Brothers canceled their tour, then deleted their Twitter account, then finally announced the split of the band. Now, after months of heartbreak among the fandom, rumor's going around that a reunion is already in the works!

Here's what E! News' Ken Baker tweeted this week:

Considering Joe has a new gig as guest fashion blogger for New York magazine, Nick's helping pal Demi Lovato with her Neon Lights tour and Kevin is a new dad — have you seen Alena Rose?? — it seems highly unlikely that a full-scale band reconciliation will occur, but it sounds like there's a promise of… something. Right?

Would you want to see the trio back together? Or do you think it's time for the JoBros to retire for good? Spill in the comments below, people!

Watch as the Jonas Brothers talk split on Good Morning America:

10 of the Most Heartfelt Jonas Brothers Moments

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  • Anonymous

    I really hope the Jonas Brothers will get back together! I miss their music! They were, and still are, my favorite band! I REALLY hope and pray that I’ll get to go see them in concert someday! That would be a dream come true for me! Don’t get me wrong, I love watching them on youtube, but it’s just not the same as going to an actual concert. Lord willing, hopefully, someday I might get the chance to see them in a real live concert! Hopefully in the near future. But, until that dream comes true, I’ll just have to be content with sitting at my laptop and watching them sing on youtube.

  • Anonymous

    This is my second time writing on this site. I REALLY love the Jonas Brothers! Their music is AWSOME! Way better than any boy band I’ve ever heard and that’s really saying something because I don’t like a lot of boy bands. The very first boy band that I listened to and kind of took a liking to was a not-so-popular boy band called “Plus One.” I used to listen to their music all the time, but when I found the Jonas Brothers, the Plus One band went out the window for me.

    The Jonas Brothers are WAAAY better than “Plus One” EVER was and are most CERTAINLY 10000 times better than that lame, trashy “One Direction” boy band! My boyfriend got me one of “One Direction’s” albums and I listened to it maybe three or four times just trying to make myself like it for my boyfriend’s sake, but I just couldn’t get into their music. They just don’t have that creative, musical talent that makes you “feel” the music like the Jonas Brothers do.

    Another thing that I really like about them, is that instead of making the audience just sit there and listen to them sing, they really encourage everyone to sing along with them and jump and dance around! They really try to interact with their fans as much as they can and make you feel like you’re “part” of the show instead of just “at” the show. They sometimes even go as far as to bring fans up on stage and sing with them! How many bands/singers do know who do that? Not very many.

    Ever since I discovered the Jonas Brothers it’s been my dream to go to one of their concerts! I live in Colorado, so I’ve always wished that they would come to my home state. I hope that someday my dream will come true and they’ll come to Colorado and I’ll be able to buy tickets to their concert and go see them!


  • Anonnymous

    I REALLY hope the Jonas Brothers get back together! They’re my number 1# FAVORITE BAND! I absolutely LOVE their music! I’ve always wanted to see them live at a concert but, unfortunately, that never happened! The thing that really made me mad about the break up, was that they had been planning to come to Denver, Colorado, where I live, so I was hoping I’d be able to see them! And THEN they go and cancel the entire tour! Not to mention I was really looking forward to their new V album, but that never happened either!

    I REALLY hope they get back together and start making music again! I also hope that if they do get back together and go on another tour, that they make a stop in Denver, Colorado, so I might be able to see them!

    And if they do reunite and start making music again, I really hope the next go will be much smoother for them and that there won’t be another bad ‘rift!’ I hope their next go at making a group album will work out for them without all the disagreements on music direction and that they can once again, regain the musical creativity they once had as a wonderful band!

    Good luck, guys! And may God Bless your music!

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  • Brittany

    i think hey should focus on what they have going on for themselves right now and tun maybe “when the time is right” they’ll get back together for a bit. at least that what i hope will happen. its sad to see them totally not making music together anymore. they had a great career though

  • Kasady

    Of course, I want them to get back together! I’ve been a huge Jo Bros. fan since I was about 16, and I’m still a huge fan to this day, being 21 years old. I was really looking forward to this new album, and so I was very disappointed to find out we weren’t getting it. I really hope they can work things out and possiblly get back together to release this new music! <3

  • Sammy

    Thought they broke up…