Ariana Grande and Chris Brown Hint at Duet on Twitter

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If you follow Ariana Grande on Twitter, then you're probably at least somewhat aware of the news that she has new music on the way. But the latest on the 20-year-old's fresh beats isn't exactly tickling everyone's fancy as she's tapped to duet with Chris Brown.

That's right, the innocent Nickelodeon star is adding the "Don't Wake Me Up" crooner to her list of collab partners. Here's the proof as we know it so far:

Nathan Sykes, great; Big Sean, awesome; Mac Miller, cool; Chris Brown, erh… no comment? What do you think of the "Baby I" singer's choice for her upcoming duet? Are you feeling AG with CB? Tell us your honest opinions in the comments.

Ariana Grande shows her support for Justin Bieber, post-arrest:

10 Times You Know You Were Jealous of Ariana Grande

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  • David

    I hope Ari doesn’t make him mad. She doesn’t look like she could take a beating.

  • kblicious

    evry1 should give Chris a chance he is a humabeing and needs a chance for godgivinsake

  • Janet

    I love Chris Brown, and i would love to hear this. I don’t understand why he makes a mistake and everyone hates him, his music is amazing. People keep judging him because of the whole Rihanna thing, it happened years ago. THEY’RE OVER IT AND SO SHOULD THE REST OF THE WORLD.

  • sophie

    what kind of image is she projecting on to young fans that she hangs around a guy who abused women. This is disgusting

  • Juliet

    I would really love to heard this duet.
    The are amazing artists.
    And the thing with Rihanna, if she forgot him why people dont give him a chance, right?

  • Amy

    I think Chris Brown and Ariana Grande would make an great collaboration! They are both incredible singers! I luv them both

  • Victoria

    Chris Brown shouldn’t be allowed around women. Ever. Not after he beat Rihanna to a pulp.

  • Sammy

    That would be a cool duet!

  • Cecilie

    I’m exited ! Chris is a great artist and so is Ariana

  • Betsy

    ugh Chris Brown needs to away. no one cares and he’s scum