Miley Cyrus Sucks on Fan’s Thong & Pulls a ‘Monica Lewinsky’ On Stage

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Perez Hilton

There's no end in sight when it comes to Miley Cyrus' dirty antics. And this one has got to be the most, umm… unsanitary moment yet. While we're used to the 21-year-old's lack of clothing on stage, and have just about gotten used to her random spankings, we are fah-reaking out over her latest stint: putting a fan's thong in her mouth!!! Ugh. Vom. Can't deal.

Across the Inter-webs, you can see a Smiler throw her underoos at the "We Can't Stop" singer, and good ol' MiCy munching on 'em soon after. Because that's not disgusting at all. To add fuel to the fire, Miley also kicked off her Bangerz tour by simulating oral sex with a faux Bill Clinton, Monica Lewinsky-style, while wearing a leotard with a scattered marijuana-pattern… How many things could possibly be wrong in one sentence?!

We know this is the part where we usually ask for your opinions, but we just want to give ours first — THIS ISN'T ART! No, no, this is gross; plain and simple. Okay, now you can give your opinions. Though, you won't change our minds on it, sorry. Hit up the comments below, or our Miley Cyrus message board.

It's Miley Cyrus like you've never seen her before!

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  • chechelle2010

    Wow bold move has she never heard of herpes?

  • SWAGT2

    i dont really give a shit bout it,,its miley’s choice to how she act,,just do ur thing miley,,

  • Bangerz

    Miley just do your thang. Haterz need to shut the fuck up and look. Who cares if Miley does something wrong its her new look. And please bitches, stop with naggin’

  • Aye&Nessie

    GROSS!:( shes a sadistic monkey. Get a life miley! your one weird piece of work >:(

  • Aye&Ness

    GROSS!:( shes a sadistic monkey. Get a life miley! your one weird piece of work >:(

  • sandra

    miley this is gross never expected these

  • Jaylee

    I like when she was two face Hannah Montana. What happen to her.

  • kamili

    there is no end to her grossness. she’s worse than ke$ha. No offense to Ke$ha because i love her, but still.

  • Janet

    Honestly, it is kinda really gross. But I mean let her do whatever she wants, I’m pretty sure she knows what is right from wrong.

  • KingsFan2488

    Can this girl just leave? Seriously, I’m tired of hearing all this nonsense from this joke of a person they call Miley.

    To those people who still consider themselves “fans” of Miley, get a reality check and think about what she is doing to society. She is corrupted and I just want her gone for good.

    • Jenny

      Leave her fans out of this, if your going to be a fan of someone you’ve got to stick till the end. But its Miley was messing up not the fans

  • Mary

    I think Miley is trash. I don’t understand how she still has fans. She is trashy and disgusting and a horrible role model.

  • Sammy

    She’s disgusting

  • kiley

    I was there. It was gross but that’s her putting in a show. You can find the video of that and others from that show on my friends YouTube channel. Her name is AshleysConcerts

  • Dee

    I don’t think it’s fair to say when Miley does it, it’s gross. If a male can do it without being critized then so should female.

    • Sam

      Even if a guy did this, it would be gross. It’s disgusting for anyone to do something like that.

    • kamili

      ummm it’s pretty sick if anyone does it. who knows, what’s going on in that girls thong? She might as well be licking her privates. gross.

  • Molly

    I am going to her tour in March and I have never been so scarred in my life. I may need some counseling afterwards.

    • Cassie

      Then don’t go… wtf

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