Vampire Academy Fans Rally for Movie Sequel, Frostbite

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Despite a not-so-great performance at the box office, fans of Richelle Mead's YA book-turned-film, Vampire Academy, are not backing down. In fact, the #VAfamily's currently in the process of petitioning in favor of a big screen sequel!

On Twitter, dedicated members of the fandom began tweeting, using the hashtag #frostbitefor2015, to urge the film's creators to greenlight Frostbite, Book #2 in the six-novel series. Here are some of the reasons why:

Even further than that, there's even a petition. To sum it up: "The movie was NOT a bust to us, the true VA fans, and we want the sequels. We know that the movie would be huge, if they had different advertising and didn't make it seem… well, like Mean Girls or other teenage girly type movies. Because Vampire Academy is completely different from any other movie… This is NOT Twilight, by any means, it's completely different. And I believe that with the right advertising, it would make it and everyone else in the world would love it as much as VA fans." As of right now, the petition's reached 3,000 signatures.

This news follows in the footsteps of the recent grassroots movement to garner attention from those who are hesitant to see the movie based on most critics' comments. Are you in favor of a sequel? Did you see the OG flick? Tell us in the comments below!

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  • Rose

    OMG this movie NEEDS to happen. We must admit that the first book was probably the least popular book in the series (but still amazing), so couldn’t we say the same about movie? I want to see Adrian Ivashkov on screen, and I think everyone else does too

  • Alexandria

    Okay, so this really needs to happen. But, with new writers/director. The first movie was good, but they left out so much and changed a lot more. I really believe that if they do a sequel and try to stick more to the storyline from the books, the movie would be great. I kind of want them to can a few of the cast members as well, but… Anyway as much as I want them to make all of the books into movies, I really just wish they’d take a chance with Frostbite and see what happens. With all the fan support they might be surprised.

  • Tammy

    U all showed us the layout of the movie now we want the action and the excitement, also more of the romance. U just cant leave us hanging that would b wrong, so u just cant stop at Vampire Academy, u just cant!!!!!!!