Vampire Academy Fans Rally for Movie Sequel, Frostbite

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Tumblr (yahooentertainment.tumblr)

Tumblr (yahooentertainment.tumblr)

Despite a not-so-great performance at the box office, fans of Richelle Mead‘s YA book-turned-film, Vampire Academy, are not backing down. In fact, the #VAfamily’s currently in the process of petitioning in favor of a big screen sequel!

On Twitter, dedicated members of the fandom began tweeting, using the hashtag #frostbitefor2015, to urge the film’s creators to greenlight Frostbite, Book #2 in the six-novel series. Here are some of the reasons why:

Even further than that, there’s even a petition. To sum it up: “The movie was NOT a bust to us, the true VA fans, and we want the sequels. We know that the movie would be huge, if they had different advertising and didn’t make it seem… well, like Mean Girls or other teenage girly type movies. Because Vampire Academy is completely different from any other movie… This is NOT Twilight, by any means, it’s completely different. And I believe that with the right advertising, it would make it and everyone else in the world would love it as much as VA fans.” As of right now, the petition’s reached 3,000 signatures.

This news follows in the footsteps of the recent grassroots movement to garner attention from those who are hesitant to see the movie based on most critics’ comments. Are you in favor of a sequel? Did you see the OG flick? Tell us in the comments below!

Zoey Deutch + Mean Girls trivia = everything you could ever ask for:

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263 Responses to "Vampire Academy Fans Rally for Movie Sequel, Frostbite"

    Lexie says:

    love love loved the movie and book, sure they left out a lot of details and changed some stuff, but I appreciated how the director wanted to focus on specific areas instead of the whole. so far its my fave overall, and I really enjoyed their take on the Rose/Dimitri relationship! #Frostbitefor2015 #VAFamily

    missy says:

    I loved this movie. At first sight I thought it was a dumb movie but i thought ill give it a shot…and i loved it. And right when i was done I was like “I hope they make a sequel” please make the next movie!!!

    Paloma says:

    I loved this movie I didn’t read the books but I liked how there were no lame sparkly vampires. It didn’t center on angst ridden high schoolers but typical back stabbing high school hierarchy please please make another!!!

    Mary says:

    We need another movie!!!!

    Sara says:

    I LOVE THIS SERIES. This is by far the best series I have read and I have read ALOT. I loved the movie and can’t wait for another. PLEASE, PLEASE…. Don’t leave us fans hanging.

    taylor gibson says:

    please do another movie the best books ever and movie so please make another :]

    Leash says:

    Not a fan of the first film there was too many changes that should not have happened (for example, Lissa doesn’t find out about Rose and her crush for another few books but Lissa was joking about it in this film AND she wasn’t upset by the fact her vest friend kept it from her.) So whilst I didn’t mind the film ( it was OK to watch even with three out of context/wrong stuff being inserted which was meant to be in other books) I just don’t think a second is a good idea.

      taylor b says:

      wow u suck there should be another but u can keep those commens to yourself.

        anna says:

        Why Taylor? This is a free forum, anyone can have and express an opinion and she was respectful enough. So now, only the fans have the full right? Yeah, you have right to disagree but also others and sorry but you suck gurl.

    Holly Newhouse says:

    I absolutely loved Vampire Academy!! I have watched it over and over several times! The cast is wonderful and the movie is perfect!! I would love to see all the books made into movies!!! Just stay more true to the book please!

    connie says:

    I like the first va movie. It would be great if they made movies with the rest of the books. Why even make a movie thats a book series ,if you are not going to continue with all of the movies. It’s just kind of frustrating for us fans when they do that. Also I really liked the whole cast. I believe they did a great job with what the had.

    Emily C. says:

    Honestly this movie was great! I think most people thought it would be a knockoff off of Mean Girls or Twilight. They literally made one reference to Twilight and that was it. When I first read the books I fell in love with Rose’s character and think they need to make FROSTBITE. Obviously a lot of people would go see this movie if there are this many comments!!!

    Kim says:

    Please make the whole series!

    C808 says:

    It’s plain and simply really; More ROZA & COMRADE!
    I would love to see the moment Lissa save Dimitri and Rose save Lissa!
    Put our images of what we read on the big screen.
    Thank You for doing such a great job with cast picks and shooting!

    Danielle says:

    I have read the books twice now and loved the movie!!!! I hope that all of the books will become a movie! I loved the books and hoped it would be a movie and now that the first one is a movie, all I can hope for is more to come!!!

    Claire says:

    FROSTBITE NEEDS TO BECOME A MOVIE!!! I am absolutely and unconditionally addicted to the Vampire Academy series along with the spin off series Bloodlines. I am also in love with Adrian Ivashkov, who’s character is introduced in this next book and hopefully, soon to be movie. Along with the tragic passing of one of my most loved characters before Adrian (not going to spoil anything) Frostbite is one of my favourite books in the VA series. I really really really hope that Frostbite will be made into a movie as I don’t want to let go of these amazing characters that Richelle Mead has created in writing Rose’s story. Please please please!!
    Thank you for letting me have some sort of say in this.

    Anna says:

    I loved the book series n I would really like to see it in a movie. I feel like this great series has been tarnished by the terrible 1st movie. Learn from that mistake n make the 2nd one better. If i was tech savy I would make my own movie n it would be way better than this 1st VA movie. I was disappointed n felt robbed n cheated. So please make the rest of the book series into movies. I LOVE THE SERIES. WAY BETTER THAN TWILIGHT. Ijust wished the movies depicted how truly great the series was n for others who havent read the books cn also love the series as much as I do.

    Anna says:

    I loved the book series. I think they need to recast everyone. Stop trying to make it a stupid modern past good movie cliché mash-up. The movie was rushed skipped important necessary details. Like rose falling for dimka for starters!!! Everyone was a terrible cast and the acting was incoherent n rushed n so was the writing. The film felt like it was meant for only the real fans because it left to many blanks that i had to fill in for my friends who had never read the books. The chick who played the role of Mia was just like kristen stewart where all her emotions are the exact same face expression. Actors like that ruin a movie. Twilight series started ok with the whole script and production n they had kristen n rob n the rest of the sucky actors. Then the rest of the films the actors were getting better except for kristen. The writing n production was way better. But the fix for va2:frostbite would be better writers n producer n director n actors. Writers need to come up with original shit. P.S lucy frys voice bothered me through out the whole film.

      DV says:

      Completely Agree!!! If they’re going to make Frostbite then they’d better stay true to the books and not rush it. Lucy should also work on her portrayal of Rose.

    Michelle says:

    I watched the movie 6 times without once getting sick of it. I really hope the series continues. It’s waaaaaay better than twilight!

    Suzi says:

    Love love love the books. Have read ALL of them but the movie was BAD! Bad acting, bad directing and an ugly old Dimitri. We need someone HOT to swoon over.
    Please make the sequel a movie but it needs a lot of improving before people that have not read the books will enjoy the movie.

      Lillie says:

      I agree with you 100%. This series has great potential for the fans who have read the books and those who haven’t but they need to go back to the drawing board for the sequel. Do the books justice and start over and slow down the dialogue. I felt like I got whiplash from one scene to the next

    Deb says:

    Compared to “The Mortal Instruments”, this movie was only slightly different to the book (and I mean slightly). The actors portrayed the characters reasonably well. Overall, I was quite disappointed when I read that the movie was a flop. In Australia, I didn’t see any advertising other than posters in the cinema. “The Mortal Instruments” movie was horrible, soo different from the book and yet it had more advertising and made more money. Coming from a 40year old who has read all the books and is starting the “Bloodline” series, PLEASE make the sequel

    Angelina says:

    Quite frankly the start of the movie was eh, I haven’t read the books so I didn’t know the background story but it quickly got me caught up in it. I think the acting could be better and it lacked a lot of advertisement which hurt the box office because I actually didn’t even know about this movie until last week when I was looking through redbox. It has a great story behind it and I feel even though the first didn’t do to well a second could do better if there were better advertisement for it. I’m a twilight fan and I literally had to force myself to sit through their first movie and I had been anticipating that one, thank god it got better with new moon.

    Nicki says:

    I loved the books so when I saw that it also was a movie I watched it. Unfortunately I watched it online. Hey! Don’t judge. I’d never ever heard about VA before. When I read the books it was like 2-3 months after they released the movie and they didn’t actually do as much advertisement as this movie deserved. It wasn’t even available in cinema where I live. Or maybe it did but I never heard about it, and that’s pretty big since you practically have to live under a stone wich I’m not.But I do live in Sweden. This just proves my point. The advertisement was pretty bad.

    Natalie says:

    I don’t watch movies . I don’t like sitting in front of the telly
    For anything unless the movie is good . I especially
    Don’t often go to the movies .
    But when I found out that my fave book series
    Had been made into a movie I went and watched it
    And then I brought it when it came out on DVD
    I love the books and really want them all to be
    Made into movies

    Kimran says:

    I really hope they make this movie wat difference does it make that the first movie dint do well u try something new it always has a rough start the book and the entire series has done amazingly well n everyone knows it the loyal fan following for this is the very proof of the greatness of this book and anticipation for the movie leaving us hanging is very cruel when they know that frostbite has hope and can do well with just a few improvements over the first movie the cast is amazing the storyline is amazing and the fan following is amazing wat more can we want……..well a mouthwatering and appropriate actor to portray Adrian ivashkov would do!!!!!

    elisia says:

    Totally freaking yes to the sequel!!! Who wouldt want to see all the drama, romance,action and comedy (not too much like the first one) I really think the first movie was awesome and kicks twilights ass! If they make frost bite exactly like the book and not try to mash vampire academy with mean girls it will get greater hits than all the vampire movies in history because there is just nothing like it out there. I would love frost bite and I would totally buy the movie and I know I’m not the only fan that would. So..PRETTY PRETTY PRETTY PLEASE WITH A CHERRY ON TOP make a sequel!!??!!*

    silvia says:

    I loved this movie, i had read the books when they were released, much better then twilight!!! There is so much to the story, please do the other movies!!!!!!!!

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