Vampire Academy Fans Rally for Movie Sequel, Frostbite

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Tumblr (yahooentertainment.tumblr)

Tumblr (yahooentertainment.tumblr)

Despite a not-so-great performance at the box office, fans of Richelle Mead‘s YA book-turned-film, Vampire Academy, are not backing down. In fact, the #VAfamily’s currently in the process of petitioning in favor of a big screen sequel!

On Twitter, dedicated members of the fandom began tweeting, using the hashtag #frostbitefor2015, to urge the film’s creators to greenlight Frostbite, Book #2 in the six-novel series. Here are some of the reasons why:

Even further than that, there’s even a petition. To sum it up: “The movie was NOT a bust to us, the true VA fans, and we want the sequels. We know that the movie would be huge, if they had different advertising and didn’t make it seem… well, like Mean Girls or other teenage girly type movies. Because Vampire Academy is completely different from any other movie… This is NOT Twilight, by any means, it’s completely different. And I believe that with the right advertising, it would make it and everyone else in the world would love it as much as VA fans.” As of right now, the petition’s reached 3,000 signatures.

This news follows in the footsteps of the recent grassroots movement to garner attention from those who are hesitant to see the movie based on most critics’ comments. Are you in favor of a sequel? Did you see the OG flick? Tell us in the comments below!

Zoey Deutch + Mean Girls trivia = everything you could ever ask for:

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282 Responses to "Vampire Academy Fans Rally for Movie Sequel, Frostbite"

    Brieanna says:

    I love the books. I have read them twice and I might even them again in a bit. The movie was extremely good. I really want them to do all the books. They are so much better than twilight.

    Jala Osborn says:

    This is the best movie ever made.Everyone I know has seen it,Its better than any other vampire movie that was ever made.I hope it keeps going,cause we all want to see it.

    becky says:

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    sherry says:

    I have read all the books and loved them I went and watched the movie and loved it as Well and really hope to c the second book come to life in theaters!!!!!

    Amandaa says:

    I loved the movie…I adore the book series..a lot…I’m hoping they make a frostbite movie,…The books were epic, not to mention I love the non-twilight- theme of the book….I actually like this one a lot more than the twilight series…I love the relationships in the books…Again I’m hoping for a second movie//..

    Pamela says:

    I can honestly say that I’ve read all the books in the series and loved them. I had been a huge Twilight fan before I read the Vampire Academy series, and while I still like Twilight, I have to say that I LOVE the Vampire Academy so much more. I was excited when I found out that it was going to be a movie, but it wasn’t advertised verh much and they definitely could have made the trailer a little better and it would have been a HUGE hit. It’s not the typical vampire romance chick flick, yeah, the girls are going to love it, but it has a little bit of everything that just makes it the perfect type of movie series to make. I think that if they turn Frostbite into a movie and advertise it more and differently, it’s going to draw in a big crowd. I knew that the movie wouldn’t go exactly the way it did in the book and it actually kinda surprised me when they did try to stick to it as much as possible. I would really like to see this series be continued to be made into movies. It’s action packed, and there’s some romance, and a little bit of comedy, all and all it’s an awesome series, and I can’t wait to see what’s in store for the movies. FROSTBITE2015 PLZ!!!!!

    Isabel Garcia says:

    I would love to see that all producers be given a chance to publish a better sequel to the first of vampire academy. I not only tell you guys that I read all the books because I haven’t only three of them but I can assure you that I fell in love with the books and the movie. Like many other people I think a sequel would be perfect, just think about it and give me an answer soon.

    CJ says:

    I loved the book & enjoyed the movie. Glad it wasn’t cheesey like twilight. There are so many vampire stories available but not nearly as many movies…too bad. I grew up reading Christopher Pike novels & other ones but always wished they’d do more movies; books are always better than the movie but still its nice to be able to watch them on the big screen. Please make the sequel frostbite into a movie & all the other stories in the series. Thanks a bunch, look forward to seeing the finished product!

    Sierra says:

    The petition worked. The producers of Frostbite have started a campaign on indigogo to raise 1.5 million dollars. As of right now, only 160,833 have been raised. If possible, please spread this information. Richelle Mead has also stated that she will include a special perk.

    Cel says:

    Love this series and honestly all it needs is better advertising! These books are so incredible. Awesome fights, the love tease with rose and dimitri, Lisa and her exploration with her powers, etc. this first movie was BARELY advertised and I maybe saw the trailer only twice before the movie actually came out within a few months. So crappy advertising had a big deal in how it effected the box office. Also it’s advertised like mean girls. It’s not. It’s so much better than anything out there and so different that this could be a huge hit. The people who are holding back on making a second movie are idiots if they don’t realize what potential they have in their hands. Great actors, juicy plot and twists, and come on just LOOK at dimitri, I just drooled the whole movie over him. Get better advertising and you’re golden people!!

    Jen says:

    Raising funds for Frostbite (Vampire Academy 2)…please visit to donate every dollar helps!

    Amand says:

    These book were amazing. I read all 6 in a week and for me thats amazing. I want to see all those senses that gave me goose bumps come to life. Who ever has the petition to film the second movie you can add my name to that list a billion times over.

    Kasondra says:

    Loved this movie! Really hope a sequel will be coming out soon!!!!!!

    Mikayla says:

    I love this movie so much that I threw a water bottle at my tv because All I wanted to do is find out what happens next. I hope it has a squeal and turns out better than Twilight!

      Mikayla says:

      Not that it is like Twilight because it is not I honestly now that if u allow a sequel this would be a bigger/ better series than Twilights series.

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