8 Hot Male Celebrities Who’ve Had Truly Terrible Hair in Movies

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We have nothing against male celebrities sporting long hair; for real, some can totally pull it off. (Hello, Chris Hemsworth! Jared Leto!) But if you’ve seen the latest pictures of Daniel Radcliffe on the set of the Frankenstein reboot, then you KNOW the look doesn’t work out for everyone.

And it’s not even just the fact that it’s long; more that it’s… unkempt and dirty-looking. Many other hotties have had similar problems in films. Here, let us show you X times when bad hair happened to attractive men on-screen:

Bradley Cooper in Hit and Run

And you thought his jheri curl in American Hustle was bad. Pshh.

Photo: Open Road Films

Christian Bale in American Hustle

Speaking of AH, WTF happened, Batman?

Photo: The Weinstein Company

Colin Farrell in Horrible Bosses

It's a good thing Winter's Tale just came out to remind us that he's actually a beautiful human.

Photo: New Line Cinema

James Franco in Pineapple Express

Prior to Spring Breakers, this was when we first realized that James could be, well... not hot.

Photo: Columbia

Johnny Depp in Edward Scissorhands

Captain Jack Sparrow has nothing on this throwback coif.

Photo: Twentieth Century Fox

Joseph Gordon-Levitt in Hesher

Never knew he could pull off dirtbag so easily until this film.

Photo: Lionsgate

Rupert Grint in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

Before you get a good look at DanRad's new 'do, remember Ron Weasley's back in the day? Always wanted to take a pair of scissors to it.

Photo: Warner Bros.

Daniel Radcliffe in Frankenstein

Told you it was bad.

Photo: WENN

When Bad Hair Happens to Hot Ladies…

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  • Sammy

    Definitely some bad hairdos.