10 Celebrity-Inspired Looks for St. Patrick’s Day 2014

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The countdown to St. Patrick’s Day has begun — March 17, here we come! — and what better way to get into the Irish holiday spirit than by presenting you with ten fashion/beauty options you can try out for the occasion? (You’re welcome in advance.)

Just like we did for New Year’s Eve and Valentine’s Day, we’re gifting you with the ultimate tips on how to rock out on this particular holiday, based on the looks donned by your favorite celebrities. From Zoe Saldana to Jessica Szohr to Emma Stone, here’s what you can learn from the stars on this fine Trendy Tuesday:

Kat Graham

QUICK TIP: Wearing an all-black outfit can still be St. Paddied-up with a grassy-tinted eye shadow.

Photo: WENN

Olivia Wilde

QUICK TIP: Even if you're not planning on a day/evening out, you can still capture some of the holiday spirit in a comfortable hoodie like Olivia's.

Photo: WENN

Leighton Meester

QUICK TIP: Blair Waldorf knows that a small shamrock headband can make a whole lot of difference.

Photo: The CW

Miley Cyrus

QUICK TIP: Green nail polish. 'nuff said.

Photo: WENN

Reese Witherspoon

QUICK TIP: Emerald earrings like the Oscar-winner's scream 'Irish and proud.'

Photo: WENN

Zoe Saldana

QUICK TIP: To make a bold statement, solid-colored pants in the leafy tone will do just the trick.

Photo: WENN

Jessica Szohr

QUICK TIP: No accessories necessary with a dress like Jess'.

Photo: WENN

Emma Stone

QUICK TIP: Everything about Emma's look is perfect for St. Patrick's Day; mimic it to the T, and everyone else will be green... with envy.

Photo: WENN

Kate Hudson

QUICK TIP: Pair bangles like Kate's with one of the aforementioned tips, and it'll be like a pot o' gold at the end of a rainbow.

Photo: WENN

Nicki Minaj

QUICK TIP: We'd highly suggest TEMPORARY dyes for a festive look like Nicki's.

Photo: WENN

The Most (Sham-)Rockin’ Nails for St. Patrick’s Day

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