Jennette McCurdy Knows Who Leaked Her Lingerie Photos, And She’s Pissed

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Whoever leaked the Jennette McCurdy lingerie photos, I recommend you go on the run or turn yourself in, because it sounds like she knows exactly who you are, and she’s not at all psyched about what you did, shockingly enough.

This past weekend, photos of the Sam & Cat star posing in her underwear popped up all over the Internet like little NSFW daisies. They don’t show any, umm… strictly anatomical parts, but they’re definitely intimate photos, and since Jennette is a Nickelodeon star, they have the potential to damage her career. It’s also important to note that at 21, Jennette is a legal adult and this isn’t underage material… but she certainly didn’t mean for everybody to have that. According to her, she only sent it to one person…

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  • Sammy

    That person is in big trouble!