10 Reasons Why We’re Hardcore Girl-Crushing on Jennifer Lawrence

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Surprisingly, after celebrating fierce females via Woman Crush Wednesday for weeks, we’ve yet to acknowledge the amazing-ness that is Miss Jennifer Lawrence. HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE?? We’re thinking it’s because it’s a known fact that she’s the coolest all-around person in the industry, it just slipped our minds. But that ends today…

After werking it at the 86th Annual Academy Awards this past weekend, it’s time to call out the many reasons why we’re hardcore girl-crushing on the 23-year-old Oscar-winning actress:

My Super Sweet 16

MAJOR throwback over here, J.Law starred in a commercial for one of our all-time favorite MTV reality shows.

Photo: MTV

The Bill Engvall Show

Most of today's top acts came from more humble beginnings. (i.e. Shailene Woodley on The Secret Life of the American Teenager) Jennifer Lawrence is no exception.

Photo: TBS

She's Versatile

Throughout her movies, she's spanned the categories of action, comedy, drama and even horror.

Photo: Relativity Media

Her (HOT!) Besties

It's clear her relationships with her co-stars, like Bradley Cooper and Josh Hutcherson, are at BFF levels. JEALOUS.

Photo: 2929 Productions


Whether it's in interviews or during acceptance speeches, J.Law always keeps it real — and we couldn't love her more for it.

Photo: Getty

Her Feminine 'Mystique'

How many people do you know can rock blue paint and still look hot?

Photo: 20th Century Fox

That Boyfriend of Hers

Joult, FTW!

Photo: 20th Century Fox


Three. Separate. Times. And she's only 23!

Oh yeah, and she won for Silver Linings Playbook. NBD.

Photo: WENN

She's a Jokester

Post-Oscars, Jen "tried to steal" the Best Supporting Actress Academy Award, which left actual winner Lupita Nyong'o LOL-ing.

Photo: Getty

Girl on Fire!

She's Katniss freaking Everdeen. 'nuff said.

Photo: Lionsgate

Watch Jennifer Lawrence Fall at the Oscars… Again!

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