Quiz: Is Your Crush Going to Ask You to Prom?

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Prom 2014 is coming up quickly! Are you ready? A lot of girls are already starting to look for their dresses and guys are beginning to think about asking their crush to be their date. Do you think your crush will ask you to prom? Find out with this quiz! We’re going to let you know if your crush is going to ask you- or if it’s time to move on! Let us know your results in the comments below! Good luck!


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  • Jordan

    Hello I’m Jordan I’m a girl I have blonde hair but its long I have pretty blue eyes I’m a white girl gonna turn 14 my boyfriend Christian is about to turn 15 he has black hair and brown skin his hole name is Christian emanuele Nicholls my hole name is Jordan. Diane Mckeehan and we are both special needs and we are maybe going to a special needs prom in hampton I think I live in Gloucester Va. Me and Christians school is new horizon in Newport News the hole name of are school is new horizon education center it’s buy wood side lane kinda buy fort usits yaeh me and him are in love for 1 hole year in my school 😉 we are in middle school I’m in mr. Youngs class Christian is in. Ms. Howard’s class Christian’s birthday is December 4th love 😉 jordan