10 Things (Besides Panties) in Miley’s Mouth That’ll Freak You the Eff Out

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Miley Cyrus‘ tongue has been getting a lot of attention over the past year or so. Like Katy Perry recently said, “God knows where that tongue has been. We don’t know! That tongue is so infamous!” But we’re actually here to shed some light on all the other parts of her mouth.

Recently, the 21-year-old “We Can’t Stop” singer has gone above and beyond in the dirtiness department, shoving a random fan’s thong into her wide open trap. Gross with a capital G. And she doesn’t even stop there. Here are ten things in Miley’s mouth that’ll freak you the eff out (though, they’re not as disturbing as panties by any means):

We'll start you off on a light note. Yeah, this one's not so bad actually.

Photo: Instagram (@mileycyrus)

The notorious foam finger, of course.

Photo: MTV

Fake teeth for her Unplugged special because, well, why not?

Photo: MTV

Fake teeth again.

Photo: Instagram (@mileycyrus)

Fake teeth taken on the same day — but with Noah this time.

Photo: Instagram (@mileycyrus)

Fake... teeth? Can't fully tell.

Photo: Instagram (@mileycyrus)

See, even her dog's afraid.

Photo: Instagram (@mileycyrus)

Stop getting Noah involved!

Photo: Instagram (@mileycyrus)

And with one of our favorite Olympians, too. Merp.

Photo: Twitter (@guskenworthy)


Photo: NBC)

Parents Push to Cancel Miley Cyrus’ “Porn Show”

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  • Symphany

    OMFG! what a nasty BIOTCH!

  • Ni Nade Swagg

    Who Would Ever Want To Kiss That Bitch

  • Tinker

    Almost everyone can agree we liked her better when she lied and said she was Hannah Montana

  • Aida

    How are fake teeth gross? Hahaha too funny!

  • jasmine

    miley is such a wanna be whore?She is a f***ken pig! get a grip miley you need therapy!
    im just saying!

  • cristal


  • Jaylee


  • Sammy

    Ew. Just ew.