7 of the Worst Lessons You Could Take Away from Rugrats

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Rugrats may be one of our all-time favorite cartoons of the ’90s, but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t jam-packed with bad lessons and hidden messages. We know it’s hard to believe, but the baby-fueled show had its share of innuendos. Don’t believe us? Here’s legit proof that the Nickelodeon series was one of the shadiest kids shows ever:

1. Round-the-clock child neglect. The reason those babies always got into those fun (albeit, occasionally dangerous) adventures is because all of the adults used that dinky cage playpen of theirs as a babysitter rather than physically keeping their eyes on the children.

2. Raise your child to be a brat. Encouraging your daughter to be a go-getter is one thing, but Angelica is a spoiled little girl who believes adults exist to serve her interests — no thanks to her mother — not to mention she’s a huge bully. There’s a bright future ahead for this one…



3. OMPorn! What the –??



4. MORE adult jokes. Did you catch the nod to circumcision in the Rugrats movie?



5. Over-indulge in your vices. Ever notice how these kids binge on the least healthiest foods ever? Again, where are their parents??

Wikia (Rugrats)

Wikia (Rugrats)

6. Stealing is good. This picture’s a good indication:

7. Class conflicts. It’s fairly simple really; Drew and Charlotte are mega-rich CEOs from what we understand, and they dump their daughter at their personal daycare center, also known as Stu’s and Didi’s. And, because of the poor examples set by her parents, Angelica treats her cousins like her servants as well.



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  • Newt

    The psychologists names was Dr. Lip-shitz

    thats the most obvious one

  • joconulsilk124

    I loved tis cartoon…lol pcs made me laugh

  • nancy johnson

    I love the RUGRATS!!!!!!! I LOVE, LOVE TOMMY PICKLES!!! I found that cartoon right after my husband, beside myself I could only stand cartoons. Then TOMMY CAME IN MY LIFE I HAVE 6 TOMMY DOLLS AND I’M 61THEY MEAN SO MUCH TO ME


  • deziree


    • Haley


  • Sammy

    I miss this show!