10 Problems All Picky Eaters Face

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The struggle is real for us picky eaters. No matter how hard our family and friends try to push certain foods upon us, there’s no switch that allows for us to simply turn off our taste buds. That’s just the way we were programmed. Get over it! To bring everyone up to speed, here are ten problems all picky eaters face on any given day (expressed in GIFs, natch):

1. Life is a constant state of Sally Draper-dom. You can keep putting the disgusting food on our plates, moms, but it’s not happening.

2. Hearing this… All. The Time. “Stop trying to force your healthy eating habits onto me!”

3. Sometimes you concede just to appease others… only to spit that sucker out.

4. Or, if you don’t spit it out, this is one of the main alternatives:

5. Then there’s the ol’ gag reflex. If you think it’s awful to look at, imagine what’s going on internally.

6. “Wait… you don’t eat vegetables?” Didn’t we all hate these as kids? Can we go back to those days, please? UGH.

Stupid GIFs

Stupid GIFs

7. You know your friends’ parents hate you because you won’t eat their food, which can be misconstrued as a sign of disrespect.

8. Everyone blames you if you can’t eat anything at their restaurant of choice. It’s not that we don’t WANT to like anything on the menu, sometimes we just… don’t.

9. When you finally settle on a place to eat, you make sure to look up menus ahead of time. Guess if anything, you could always ask the waiter if they can take out all the yuckies.

10. Trickery is not out of the question. THIS –> “Just because you chopped up onions into little bits and I ate ’em in a sauce, doesn’t mean I like onions.”

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