10 Reasons Why We’re Hardcore Girl-Crushing on Lea Michele

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At 27 years old, Lea Michele has made quite the name for herself in the worlds of television (Glee!), theater (Spring Awakening!), music (Louder!) and movies (erh, New Year’s Eve?). So it’s only fitting that we give the talented star a well-deserved amount of praise.

Follow along as we take the time on this Woman Crush Wednesday to call out ten of the many reasons why you should learn to hero worship Lea Michele (if you haven’t started already):

Broadway Baby

Not only did she originate the lead role of Wendla in Spring Awakening, she also starred in Les Misérables, Ragtime AND Fiddler on the Roof.

Photo: Broadway

Beautiful, Inside & Out

The Glee star frequently speaks up about her unique looks and flaws, saying that's what makes her, well... her! That, to us, makes her even more beautiful — inside and out.

Photo: Twitter (@msleamichele)

Confidence to Spare

Along the same lines as 'beauty,' the girl is FEARless: "I've always felt very beautiful and confident in my own skin. I love my ethnicity and my heritage. I love when I see it in my nose and dark hair. Whether or not I felt the industry would see me that way or accept me — that was always a question. But believing in myself was never a doubt."

Photo: Twitter (@msleamichele)

Brunette Ambition

Part memoir, part how-to, part style guide, Lea's book is everything you could possibly want to know about her all in one convenient place.

Photo: Crown Publishing

Style Star

Lea, can we borrow your wardrobe? K, thanks.

Photo: Twitter (@msleamichele)

Wicked Reboot?!

She's the frontrunner to portray the lead role of Elphaba, played by Glee mom Idina Menzel in the Broadway musical, in the movie adaptation!

Photo: Twitter (@msleamichele)

Charitable Heart

She encourages others to donate to Chrysalis, a Los Angeles charity that she and Cory Monteith both supported when he was alive.

Photo: WENN

Cory Monteith

Their relationship was one full of love and joy; one that we will never forget.

Photo: Twitter (@msleamichele)


Lea Michele embodies strength with her debut album.

Photo: Columbia


Umm, duh!

Photo: FOX

Lea Michele’s “Louder,” As Expressed in GIFs

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  • Sammy

    She’s so pretty and an amazing singer!