15 Surefire Signs You’ve Been Friends for Way Too Long

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You know you’re best friends when you finish each other’s sentences; you know you’re best friends when you’ve got inside jokes to spare. However, though length of time doesn’t exactly matter when it comes to besties, there are 15 surefire signs to tell you if you’ve been friends forever and a day…

1. She knows stories from your past that could send you to detention. (Or juvi.)

2. She remembers your “stages.” (i.e. That period of time when you went goth.)

3. You’re friends with her parents on Facebook. Heck, sometimes you even get texts from her mom.

4. Even when you spend months apart, when you come back together, it’s like no time has passed at all.

Tumblr (psyduck-rpc)

Tumblr (psyduck-rpc)

5. You’re like an old married couple, and aren’t afraid to bicker. It’s not like either of you could stay mad for long.

Warner Bros.

Warner Bros.

6. You can sit in silence, and it won’t be awkward.

7. You can make complete sense of each other’s grumbles and whines.

8. You stopped keeping tabs on who owes each other what. The money will even out eventually, right?

9. She knows when you’re being fake with others. You may tell a girl you like her heinous shirt, but your bestie knows better.

WordPress (lilyincanada)

WordPress (lilyincanada)

10. Her significant others have to get your seal of approval before she can fully commit.

11. She remembers the names of every kid you had a crush on. And the ones you thought about crushing on, but decided against it.

12. Personal space is nonexistent. You sleep in each other’s beds all the time. It’s whatev.

13. You don’t feel weird texting her about any subject at any time of day.

14. You don’t feel like you have to flaunt how good of friends you are on social media.

15. You HAVE to post this on her wall, though, because ALL of these apply to you guys.

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