One Direction Fans Defend Harry Styles After ‘Racist’ Instagram Picture Debate

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Harry Styles is one of the most coveted acts in terms of music and, more recently, movies — he's on the top of the list for the Wicked film adaptation! — but not everyone's a fan of the star after his latest social media blunder.

Recently, the 20-year-old One Direction lad posted a picture of himself on Instagram, sporting a funny face while wearing a traditional Native American headdres:

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While it may've been all fun and games for the "Story of My Life" singer, many accused him of cultural racism and stereotyping:

Today, though, we're seeing more signs of support for Harry than anything else. Here are some fans that are rushing to his side after the backlash (for a photo which has since been deleted):

Which side of the racist debate are you on? Do you think Harry's snapshot was all in good fun, or was it something more? Weigh in via the comments below.

ANOTHER tattoo for Harry Styles. Wait 'til you see what he got this time…

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  • Joshua

    This does not mean of Harry being racist. It is just who he is. Just a simple guy trying to have fun, but people all around America are telling him as racist just since he wore a Native American headdress. I mean c’mon, he didn’t destroy the headdress. He didn’t write bad comments about it or maybe even turn it into a chair or something. He didn’t burn it or throw it in the seas. He just wore it ,took a picture, and posted it on Instagram. I am not a directioner, but this is a total mishap.

  • Caelen

    It wasn’t meant to be racist, but working at a Native American summer camp, it is a very dishonorable thing to do. In Native American culture you have to earn the right to wear a headdress and Harry Styles and the rest of 1D have done NOTHING to benefit society at all. He doesn’t deserve to wear the headdress. Simple as that.

    • Bea

      Harry Styles has done nothing to benefit society? Haven’t you seen pictures of Harry and Liam sponsoring companies for a good cause? How about the video of them visiting an African emergency room? I’m not insulting Native American culture, but I think you should find out more about a person before you claim they have done NOTHING at all to benefit society.

  • Vladimir

    I think If You do something like that it doesn’t mean you’re racist, that’s just a lot of haters trying to make other people believe that he’s being racist and that they have to stop listening to his music. People grow up and stop doing this stupid things , why you didn’t say something like this when the YMCA video came out???

  • Brianna

    Well That’s just being naughty Harry.

  • Miranda

    Well I don’t think he’s being racist, but I thinks it’s hilarious that every Tweet defending him was a grammatical nightmare. Well, the last one just forgot a comma, but I’m pretty sure all the other people are having trouble remembering 4th grade English.

  • Cameron

    There is no way that this was meant in a racist way, I’m not a big 1D fan but I know that this is not an act of racism but only some general fun.

  • Diana

    It really really stinks that our culture/society is so easily offended by such trivial things, but that’s just the way it is. I, personally, don’t think there’s anything wrong with what he did, but knowing how sensitive society is to these sort of things, I think that, ultimately, Harry should have been more aware of that before posting the picture.

  • Madeline

    appropriating a very meaningful, traditional object can be really disrespectful to the culture being appropriated, and respect is all they’re asking for- and i don’t think it’s shown in this picture. sure, harry may be an “angel” but it’s not cool to make anyone’s personal values and honors feel appropriated by a guy who really doesn’t seem like he respects them.

  • Amber

    I’m absolutely positive Harry didn’t mean any harm when he posted that picture and he even took it off because some people were upset.

  • Sammy

    Harry wasn’t being racist at all! He was just joking around and didn’t mean any harm.

  • Maegan

    People need to stop over-reacting. It’s just a picture. I’m Native American, but I don’t find this offensive at all! Doesn’t bother me.

  • tori

    i think everyone needs to get over this. And im not just saying that cause im a directioner. Everyone is taking this wayyy too personally. He put on a headress and took a picture..he did not burn it! Everyone jusrt wants a reason to make harry look like a bad person..

  • Meow

    Celebrities can get away with anything

    • Kristen

      He’s not getting away with anything, considering he hasn’t done anything. I do not see how this is racist. He literally put on a head dress lol. No comments, no rude jokes. If any non-celebrity posted a photo of the in a head dress, would you call them racist? Probably not. He’s just a guy trying to have fun. Plus everyone makes mistakes… Sorry for the long rant…

  • Hannah

    It would be ridiculous to think that this picture is racist. He put on a headress and took a simple picture in it. If he were to do something racist, he would be like chanting and sporting minimal clothing and an ax and killing buffalo and mocking “large noses” that “red skins” supposedly have.