Proof That One Direction’s Not as Popular as the Band Used to Be

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Well, it was bound to happen sometime; we just didn't think it'd be this soon. After killing it on the charts since the boy band's inception, One Direction's popularity is starting to dip — at least in Great Britain, anyway. As evidenced on the most recent list of the UK's Top 100 Singles Chart, the British-Irish fivesome's sales are dipping dramatically, coming it at #39 with titular track "Midnight Memories" from 1D's third album.

To give you a point of reference, the group's singles usually grab a Top 10 spot with ease. Granted, "MM" managed to do decently in other countries, including Australia, New Zealand, Denmark, the Netherlands, Spain and Ireland, it's worrisome that the guys couldn't do the same in the United Kingdom, where four of them call home.

What do you think went wrong with "Midnight Memories?" Is One Direction's popularity waning? Or is it the song itself? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below, or on our One Direction message board.

Cheer up — One Direction went shirtless in Jason Derulo's new music video!

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  • Shaheer

    i think 1d should release their music videos b4 launching the album as the fans or alteast me listen to the songs too often and then get bored before even the video is released for which i dont watch it as many times i would have if i wouldnt have heard it b4 plus the vevo is getting so popular tht u dont even see 1d released video on the main page

  • Snugglebunny

    It’s the song. Its just too far outta their zone, everybody knows that. They should just stick to what they know for now. And please, they drop a few places in the top 40, I drop from A to D in six subjects at school and they’re worried? Get real, its my future at stake. They got their future laid out for them. Now excuse me I’m off to study bye xxx

  • Joyce

    This is what happens when you sideline Zayn in the Video and not allow him to sing.

  • Marissa


  • Jenny

    They aren’t losing popularity at all! I love them and they ate doing fine with popularity points. I mean, did you see how well the midnight memories album did!!!

  • Camille

    I think they are still popular I just think that maybe some people just didn’t like midnight memories as much as the other albums and songs. I really don’t think they are losing popularity maybe midnight memories just wasn’t one of their better song

  • Riley

    One Direction is not losing fans. Trust me half of the girls in my school love them. Don’t write stuff that isn’t true if you don’t know.

  • Hannah Lee

    I agree with Jane. The reason Midnight Memories wasn’t as popular is cause they did very little advertising for it. If they did a little more, we would have broken Vevo… again 😉

  • lainny

    zayn I LOVE YOU

    louis I LOVE YOU

  • Lorayn

    I don’t know what’s happening in the UK but i can assure you that in my country they’re as popular as miley cyrus (even more than that!) And even in our hearts they will always be our boys!

  • Faith

    I think it’s because of Louis part about the Addison lee in midnight memories and brits might get offended by that or something.

    • Nichelle

      Look I am from Britain and I can tell you there was little advertisement of the video for MM, so obviously unless you had a twitter you wouldn’t know about it until after it came out or something and they are defiantly not losing their popularity and i’m pretty sure the addison lee bit louis sung didn’t offend us brits because after he sung that the cab company got alot more people coming to use them, they were so busy that they were all booked up and nobody could get through to them

  • Jane

    The reason midnight memories didn’t do as well as the other singles is that one direction did little to no publicity for it. During that time midnight memories has been a single the boys were on their three month break. I think their management is to fault since they should have chosen a better time to release it so they could have done radio interviews/performed it on TV shows like they usually do for their other singles. You might also want to check how great their recent album has done before you begin saying they are not as popular as they use to be.

  • ashley

    they are still popular I mean look at how many followers they have in twitter facebook insagram etc it wasn’t the song because the song was awesome have you ever though mabey some fans couldn’t buy the cd’s because their parents wouldn’t but the cd for them its not anything at all quit making stories seem so bad when there not better yet quit making up stories

  • Carly

    Their new album went in a totally different direction (no pun intended) than their previous albums and maybe it’s just not Great Britain’s cup of tea (pun definitely intended) I don’t think they’re losing popularity though, not at all.

  • Kate F.

    I think One Direction may not be popular on the music charts but they are still popular in the true Directioners hearts

  • Sammy

    They aren’t losing popularity! I would say they’re gaining popularity if anything!