10 Hot Actors Who Were Considered to Play Tobias “Four” Eaton in Divergent

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It’s Divergent release week, which means that it’s pretty much mandatory that we fill you in on the ins and outs of all things related to the book-turned-movie. And we think we’ve been doing a good job of that, if we do say so ourselves. Between the exclusive interviews and premiere pictures, we’re all over it. So it’s only fitting that we let you in on a little (not-so-much) secret — Theo James wasn’t the only person considered for the part of Tobias “Four” Eaton.

While Shailene Woodley has mentioned in passing that she was really the only person the studio wanted to play Tris, her love interest was up in the air for a long time. We even had a whole game dedicated to the casting process! While we totally believe that Summit made the right choice by casting the British heartthrob, we thought we’d fill you in on ten other hot actors who were considered for (or at least rumored to play) the coveted role…

Alex Pettyfer

Rumors were swirling that the hottie was "confirmed" for the part, but obviously that didn't pan out. Would've been kinda cool, though, considering he was #4 in I Am Number Four.

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Colton Haynes

We were thisclose to believing that the gorgeous human would portray one of our all-time faves. He had "good news" around the time he followed Veronica Roth on Twitter, so that clearly meant he got the part, right? NOPE. Instead, the good news was that he was cast on Arrow.

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Alexander Ludwig

The villain from The Hunger Games confirmed that he screen-tested for the flick, but later admitted that it was his role as Cato that solidified his rejection in Divergent, "i will not be. Too similar to hunger games but i hope fans are happy with how the rest of the casting goes!"

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Miles Teller

In our interview with the star, he said, "I auditioned for Four originally. And then there was some thought that I was gonna play Eric, so I was kinda thinking about that. Then, literally the next day, they said, 'This part of Peter we'd love to offer you.'"

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Brenton Thwaites

Although the cute Aussie didn't snag the part opposite Shailene Woodley, he's doing just fine. He's got Maleficent and The Giver coming out this year!

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Lucas Till

We picture him as every YA book love interest, but the studio was really pushing for someone older. Sigh. Hopefully, your time will come eventually, LT.

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Drew Roy

He was a fan favorite in all the polls. He even addressed it on Twitter, "There sure is a lot of tweeting from you guys about this Divergent project. You guys think its going to be a good movie do ya?" We all know how it turned out, though.

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Jack Reynor

After his casting in Transformers: Age of Extinction, he was out of the running for the other franchise.

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Jeremy Irvine

The War Horse actor was a front-runner for a long time. Not sure what happened there.

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Luke Bracey

He's masculine enough, for sure. Guess Theo was just... better.

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  • jessicah

    Theo james is perfect 4 dat role.

  • Yanna

    Theo james is the best four.. Ruggedly handsome with a very sexy masculine voice.. Just perfect..

  • Fiction correction

    Jack Reynor? I would not have even watched it if he played four. Theo is the best of them all.

  • Nicole

    Theo was the perfect role if you read the books you would know what i mean. Hes also British in real life and speaks French and even a little Greek i mean seriously. Read the books Alex does not even come close to fitting Four!!

  • Raftery

    I like your site
    Raftery http://www.anysite.com/


    Theo James is the Perfect Four !!

  • Shobi

    Why are you even considering other people? Theo James is the most HOTTEST, PERFECT, AMAZING person to play Four.

  • I’m Batman

    Alex!!! He was #4, so it’s meant to be! 😛 Gah! I don’t like Theo…

  • allison

    Theo James is perfect for four!!!!!<4

  • Vianney

    Theo James is the Perfect Four !!

  • deyal

    Jeremy Irvine is playing Daniel Grigori in the movie Fallen;based on Lauren Kate’s series.

  • Sydnie

    I wish Alex played Four, but Theo is good too!

  • Sammy

    Alexander or Alex!