Proof That Big Time Rush Can Still Crush the Boy Band Competition

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Despite the lack of new Big Time Rush music (and the foursome's Nickelodeon television show), the guys prove that they can still crush the boy band competition to this very day. Now, it's not to say that we don't love the others — like One Direction and… uhh, is anyone else around anymore? — but whether they're all together, or far apart, James Maslow, Kendall Schmidt, Logan Henderson and Carlos Pena are EVERYTHING. Here, let's prove it to you:

First off, they had four seasons of a hit series on a major TV station. Can any other boy band say that? Yeah, didn't think so.


On said show, they proved their comedic talents…

Blogspot (explosionlovers)

…and dancing skills…


…while touring in between seasons.

Sweety High

Now, some are still having successful music careers. Eff yeah, Heffron Drive!

Tumblr (kendallmyspiderman)

Some are pursuing other ventures. Did you know that Kendall and Logan are doing some voiceover work with Ashley Benson, Vanessa Hudgens AND Ashley Tisdale??

Blogspot (thenameispatricia)

Heck, one even got hitched! Congrats, Carlos!

Instagram (@therealcarlospena)

But a new wife isn't all that the newly-minted Mr. PenaVega has going on — he's also tapped to star in a film alongside Marisa Tomei, Jamie Lee Curtis and George Lopez. NBD.


And, of course, you know James Maslow's on Dancing with the Stars. Best season ever? We think so, too.

Tumblr (gifs-bigtimerush)

All the while, they all remain besties. Like we said, they crush the competition.


EXCLUSIVE: Big Time Rush's Kendall Schmidt talks new music!

Let Us Reminisce Over Big Time Rush, The TV Show

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  • keb

    Sht this list is long..

  • Natalie

    big time rush are flops compared to one direction lmao you can fight me on this

    • rusher13

      Some people are stupid! Btr are so frickin awesome and hot! I love heffron drive and that dwts season thats why i watched season 18 of dwts!

    • Ally

      Btr is way better than one direction. Hell they were teen idols way before one direction was even thought of. One direction is a huge joke to music. You can hate me for saying it. One direction is gonna split like N’SYNC.

  • Melissa Malone

    alogha I’m a biggest fan of BIG TIME Rrush because you guy’s are my life and my dream. everything about you being themselves and always have each other like heart by heart they care about their friends they are sweet generous helpful caring kind normal extremely cutest boys in this world. I have cancer and down syndrome at 81 months to live and I underwent two different kinds of leukemia and I have 2 holes in my ears and 3 holes in my heart belongs to BTR the world’s greatest adorable boy’s. leukemia story is special to me and my mom her name is Lucinda Chandler do you guys know that my mom is a nurse.

  • Candy Bell

    ame este articulo!! al fin les reconoce todo el esfuerzo y trabajo duro de mis BTR los amo y estoy completamente de acuerdo!!

  • BigTimeRush My Life


  • Olga

    Estoy completamente de acuerdo con lo que han puesto en este articulo, BIG TIME RUSH THE BEST BAND! 4 ever… Mi todo, mis idolos Y seguiran siendolo por siempre :3 <3

  • minal

    well I think ONE DIRECTION is and will stay the best band
    first of all COOL KIDS DONT DANCE! and people in btr do!!
    one direction has the most awesome and addicting songs ever! <3
    all 5 of them are extremely HOT / sexy / perfect
    and they do work hard I think u all forgot that they did work day and night to succeed in X factor and when THIS IS US was bring filmed they had to record for the album and film the movie they suffered from more hate than big time rush and they all are Perfect and THE BEST CELBS HAVE THE BEST FANDOM AND THE BIGGEST as well!! there are many directioners in the world!!!

    • Ana

      I totally think One Direction is amazing because I am a HUGE directioner myself BUT there is no best boy band. COOL KIDS DONT DANCE AHHH zayn yes but it doesn’t mean your not cool if you do. Zayn dances for fun, big time rush dance to liven up the party and THEY ARE ALL TERRIBLE DANCERS but us rushers are ok with that because they are having fun! All of one direction AND big time rush are sexy!!! AND I’m just adding that Big Time Rush helped boost One Directions fame in America by putting them in the Better With U tour. I’m a HUGE RUSHER AND DIRECTIONER but i feel like people shouldn’t be one sided. They’re both really awesome boy bands and I love all of them regardless of what each can and cannot do. You should too :) in the end our boys get along and so should the fandoms(mind you niall and kendall still keep in touch) :{D

    • Katie. The. Rusher.

      Just stfu please. There was nothing about one direction said in this except naming them bc they’re the only other boyband ppl pay attention to. Just go. Idiot.

      • Rebecca

        Wait what girl are you siding with cuz I totally don’t agree with the first one. Big time rush is totallyt he best boy band. One direction shouldn’t even be mentioned so idk why there’s people here saying they r better.

    • Manon

      Look if i remember was the defenition of a boyband, a group of guys who sing AND dance. And BTR is a boyband, right? So i think that they are doing a pretty great job, they released 3 albums, 4 season of their HIT tv show, made one film (wich 1D also did) and between that they are constantly touring. Also they met people wich life isn’t always that easy (like Amber), they make time for these people and giving them hope! Ok, BTR’s fandom isn’t that big like 1D’s, but is that necessary? I have learned a lot things the past five years: A. 1D is a great boyband B. But BTR is ALSO a great boyband (it’s a shame they don’t get more credit for theire work!) and last but not least C. Why are we fighting: BTR and 1D are friends, so why are we hating on eachother. Believe me, that’s not what they want!

    • gigimulz

      One direction sucks! Big Time Rush is awesome

    • gigimulz

      One Direction sucks! Big Time Rush is awesome and the guys in Big Time Rush are better looking then the guys in One Direction

    • Skai Sarkar

      So Listen Dork… One Direction is just a COPY of BACKSTREET BOYS.. and BIG TIME RUSH lives the show..
      (cool boys don’t dance & BTR are horrible dancers)
      oh really? That’s why JAMES MASLOW was in Dancing With The Stars. …… isn’t it so.? -_-

  • Marcy

    I’ve been a fan from the beginning. I was 16 at the time and now I’m 21 how crazy is that? Thank you so much for shining the light on these 4 incredible people! They helped me heal when I was going through a rough patch in my life. I am so grateful to be a fan of Big Time Rush. Words can’t even express how much they mean to me and how much I love them. I will follow them whichever way life may take them. I will never stop being a Rusher at heart! NEVER! I hope I can meet them one day because that would be a dream come true. They are my idols and I couldn’t ask for anyone better! I LOVE BIG TIME RUSH!!!! :)

  • Sol

    They are good people.
    They never needed to make scandals
    They have always worked hard
    … and they are so talented :)
    Will always have our support and love

  • Sharon.


  • Vicky rusher

    BTR the best grout in the world..i proud of them because they’re very very very very vey good boys they changed my life..i love them <3

  • Rusher

    Btr rules Logan is hot :)

    • gigimulz


  • shana

    Hey, an article I can actually agree with for once! Although there are many, many more reasons why they’re the best–especially if you look at how truly humble and hard-working they all are! Unlike 1D, everything they do is out of the good of their hearts, not for publicity.

    I love them together, but they’re already proving how successful they are apart and I couldn’t be prouder!

  • Navira

    totally agree!

  • Vena

    Love this article!!!!!!

  • Rina

    This is your best article EVER! I approve!

  • MacKenzie


    Now THIS is a great article. You guys definitely know what you’re talking about. I really enjoyed reading it, put a smile on my face.

    Big Time Rush is one of a kind for sure. Absolutely wonderful guys with insane under-appreciated talent. So, thanks a million for putting this up. Love it. And the use of awesome gifs!

  • MacKenzie


    Now THIS is a great article. You guys definitely know what you’re talking about. I really enjoyed reading it, put a smile on my face.

    Big Time Rush is one of a kind for sure. Absolutely wonderful guys with insane, under-appreciated talent. So, thanks a million for putting this up. Love it. And the use of awesome gifs!

  • BTRDemetria

    Now i love Teen even more 😀

  • Melanie

    YES!!!! Big Time Rush is truly amazing! Not only are they amazing singers, actors, and dancers, but they also have the biggest hearts. They care about Rushers and are so nice to them. Plus, they’re so down-to-earth, despite how famous they are. They’re not afraid to be themselves; to be complete dorks. They’re so loving, caring, friendly, goofy, and funny. I love Big Time Rush with all my heart!

  • Gracie

    And they just got 10 million likes on Facebook!

  • Shannon

    Yesss! So happy for BTR!!

  • Sammy

    Nope One Direction all the way!

    • Niall

      Get over Carlos, Sammy !
      He is married now !
      And Big Time Rush is tha craic! Talented dudes

    • vinnb

      well, big time rush works way harder then none one direction. i mean, they have production credits on all 3 albums, not just one. they filmed almost 5 seasons of a tv in between touring and writing music for us rushers and everyone. i can honestly say one direction’s popularity is really 75% management, they probably do 15% of the writing for their music. and big time rush is successful in their own way. they have gold and double platinum albums and few chart toppers like one direction, maybe not as many, but they have something to call accomplishments. big time rush is also way more diverse and talented compared to 1d. i don’t hate one direction, they are like my 2nd favorite group now and i’m sure they work hard, just if u put all the facts together correctly, big time rush barely get’s credit for all their hardwork and definitely bringing back the boy band. i hope 2014 will see them reconquer just like 2010-2011. i will always be a rusher. 09-forever! and im a 21 year old almost hugRusher.