11 Divergent Movie Critic Reviews That’ll Definitely Piss Fans Off

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Divergent Fans

Alright, Initiates, we're gonna give the news to you straight because we feel that you deserve the truth from us. After watching Divergent come to life on the big screen (multiple times, mind you), we've come to a conclusion: the Veronica Roth book-turned-movie is one of the best YA adaptations we've ever seen. There, we said it.

While we hate comparisons, since all of our favorite young adult novels and series differ in so many ways, we'll say that the movie exceeds the translations of Twilight, Vampire Academy and The Mortal Instruments, but doesn't quite reach The Hunger Games or Harry Potter status. Just for a frame of reference.

However, not everyone's feeling the love. According to a bunch of grumpy old movie critics, the film is a poor attempt at replicating the success of predecessors Twilight, Harry Potter and/or The Hunger Games. While we'd love to burn each of the following reviews, we thought we'd share them with our fellow Divergent fanatics so they can join us in telling these people to suck it. You can tell pretty much all of 'em never even touched the book…

"It betters Edward and Bella, but not by much."
Film Racket

Good Reads

"A movie so cold and monotone about its material that it plays more like an emotional concession than a full-fledged adventure."

We Heart It

"A painfully dumbed-down version of politics and human nature. It is exactly what you'd expect for a book aimed at 13-year-old kids… targeting the Twilight movie crowd."
7m Pictures


"This late-to-the-YA-dystopia-party look like a meal that's been left out in the sun for a day or so."
Honey Cutts Hollywood

Tumblr (whathefit)

"Haven't we seen this story before?"
Movie Habit


"The uninitiated will need to read Veronica Roth's book to understand what's so great about Divergent, because the movie is aggressively mediocre."
Aisle Seat

Wikia (Glee)

"Divergent feels like nothing more than a lite version of The Hunger Games."

Words for Worms

"In all candor, and with all the amity I can muster, Divergent is as dauntingly dumb as it is dauntingly long."
Wall Street Journal


"It doesn't take long to get the sense that the filmmakers desperately want this to be the next Twilight, Harry Potter or Hunger Games instead of aiming higher and simply trying to be the first Divergent."
Lyle's Movie Files


"It's impossible to ignore the overwhelming sense that we've seen all this before, only with better execution …"

Wikia (iCarly)

"By the time it reached the 2-hour mark, I faced my own worst fear: the endless bad movie."
Boston Herald

Wikia (Glee)

Whatever, the joke's on all of them as the Shailene Woodley-led flick took the #1 spot at the box office, nabbing $56 million in its first weekend. Eat it! What'd you think of the adaptation? Did it exceed your expectations, or did it fall short? Tell us your honest opinions in the comments below, or on our Divergent message board!

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  • Mary

    A movie should still be good to someone who hasn’t read the book and this is DEFINATELY not the case with divergent! SO SO BAD!

  • Divergentisbad


  • Kaylie

    Most of these posts are about how the movie didn’t do the book justice which I disagree with. True the movie left out some things, but they didn’t leave out any of the major details from the book. I’ve seen plenty of interviews from the cast, director, and producers and one of the reasons they left out Uriah and some of them is so that they can really do their characters justice in the next film. Had they put them in Divergent they wouldn’t have been able to really do them justice because they wouldn’t have been able to do very long scenes on them. What people don’t seem to understand is that you can’t make a film exactly like the book unless you want it to be a five or six hour film. To make a normal timed film you have to leave out most of the unnecessary scenes from the book which unfortunately Uriah and Marlene and them were part of that. Also what most of you guys don’t seem to realize is that Veronica Roth was there for most of the filming process. If they started leaving out really important scenes or totally screwing up details, I’m sure she would have said something. True I was sad that Uriah and them weren’t in the movie but if it was so they could do him better justice in the second movie then I’m perfectly happy with that. I love the movie and the books, I think they did a wonderful job on the movie. Plus the book is always going to be better than the movie, that’s just how it works. Yes everyone is allowed to have their opinions but, I also think people need to start realizing that movies will never be the exact same as the books, it’s just impossible. Once they figure that out I think they will be able to enjoy the movies a lot more, I know I do.

  • Charlie

    I’ve read the book and watched the movie and the movie is probably the worse film adaptation I’ve ever seen for multiple reasons:
    1: Their missing characters such as Uriah , etc.
    2: They kill off Kate winslets character( I forget the name) in Divergent when she is supposed to die at the end of insurgent ( practically the whole point of insurgent)
    3:their missing important scenes such as Edward getting butter knifed in the eye
    4:At the end of the movie Tris says she doesn’t know where their going but in the book she knew exactly where she was going ; to Amity

    • Sam

      Well first of all the movie wod be rated R if they put in the butter knife scene. And it was a great movie and book despite the differences.

    • Kaylie

      Actually they didn’t kill off Kate Winslet’s character in the movie. Tris threw a butter knife through her hand and then injected her with a serum to make her stop the attack. When the affects wore off her character started to attacked Tris, but Tris just knocked her out, she didn’t kill her. The filmmakers wouldn’t have killed off a character that they knew would be important in the next movie, because Insurgent was already out while they were filming Divergent. I’m sorry but your number two reason is wrong. Plus any movie made from a book is going to have differences, it’s impossible to make a film exactly like the book. I love the movie and the books and can’t wait for Insurgent to come out in March!

  • Ally

    Whoever wrote this article sounds like a five year old and it shows how dumb they are that they think Divergent is a good movie and that all of these bad reviews are unfounded. “Grumpy old movie critics?” You mean, people who know what they’re talking about? I’d rather listen to grumpy old movie critics than immature journalists who have bad taste.

  • Lucy

    God I hate it when people just go around pissing people off by their comments about absolutely amazing movies and books!!!! I just punched a wall because of reading those comments…and I called my friend and told her to read what horrible comments, heartless people said about divergent, and she screamed and punched a wall too….we are both overly obsessive with divergent, the hunger games, and the fault in our stars, and she is obsessed with the city of bones series and I’m obsessed with “if I stay” and “where she went” so if anyone ever says anything negative about those things, expect a knife to be in your eye and then you will not wake up because of death serum the ‘coincidentally’ got in your blood…

    • Cataclypse

      Stop punching walls and just realize how flawed the movie is. Watch Everything Wrong With Divergent by Cinemasins. Jeremy pointed out a ton of things that were wrong with this movie, and he still missed about half of it’s mistakes.

  • melissa

    it was amazing i read the book and it was very detalted and alot happend in the book i can understand why they cant fit everything in the movie but i apprecated what they did put in the movie

  • facehook

    Dang. A number of these things are not on our list. Splendid.


  • Chinami

    I actually fell asleep when I watched it with my friends.

  • Samantha O’Keefe

    These people have probably never even seen any of this or heard and true thing about it! They are so stupid !

  • Jenni Cha

    Divergent was the worst movie i have ever seen. Not only did they miss a lot of details, they forgot to include that one couple. URIAH AND MARLENE.

    • Kim

      i couldn’t agree with you more.

    • Lucy

      I agree that they left out Marlene, but it is absolutely not the worst movie ever!!!!! I saw it in theaters 14 times and I have it on my phone and I have seen it on there 21 times and I have never been disappointed once!!!! Who invited tris zip lining in the book? Uriah!!! Who invited tris zip lining in the movie? Uriah!!!!!!!!!!! God it’s so obvious!!!!!!

      • Charlie

        Uriah may have invited Tris to zip line but they didn’t say his name and In the books they develop a better relationship then just going zip lining

  • Alexandria

    I loved the movie so much & it was way better than twilight, & it was better than Harry potter but I still love Harry potter … And the hunger games … But It was a awesome movie ! No need for the harsh comments

    • Cataclypse

      You are a sad person for believing this is better than Harry Potter

  • McKayla

    TBH the movie made me very irritated. I read the books and loved them. Then I watched the movie and was like WTH?! The producers messed up very easy things that then changed events in the rest of the movie… for instance in the book Tris is supposed to be small, short, petite but in the movie she is really tall and not like the book described her… and then Christina was supposed to be tall and she was tiny! I mean they would have to put in a little more work to find the right height characters but it would have been totally worth it! The movie fell way short from my expectations.

    • Belle

      Build a bridge, and get over it.

      • Potato mom

        Uhm, how about no.

      • Teapot Mama


  • Alandria

    I love the movie it was great the story line was great. People just don’t “SEE” the movie if you get what I’m saying. The characters were nothing like Twilight, Harry Potter, and definitely not like Hunger Games. I never read the books, but I’m guessing it’s as great as the movie. After I saw the movie I wanted to go back in and watch it but I couldn’t because I had somewhere else to go. But as for me I don’t go see any movie unless I know that movie gonna be great. So as for these critics they can suck it. I hope to see the sequel.

    • Charlie

      You’ll understand if you read the books because the movie just brings the books injustice

  • sasha

    the movie was so good! Honestly liked it better than the Hunger Games. I thought that it’d be an okay movie exceeded by expectations by far.

  • Megan

    I loved the movie and the books! You can’t fit everything in one movie, but either way the movie was amazing!

  • Sarah

    Loved it! Good actors and amaizing story. I want to see it again. arghhh

  • Sammy

    These are insane! Divergent was amazing and followed the book really well! I read the book yet I still loved both!

    • Mary Jo

      They actually aren’t insane at all. While I agree that the movie did follow the book very well, it was a terrible movie. And the critics are saying it like it is, they are judging it from the stand point of how good of a movie it was, and frankly it was horrible. While yes, it had aspects of the book, it didn’t embody the book, and make it self something worth remembering. It was just another movie to fall short of a good movie on it’s own, unlike Harry Potter and The Hunger Games. Like one of the critics said “It doesn’t take long to get the sense that the filmmakers desperately want this to be the next Twilight, Harry Potter or Hunger Games instead of aiming higher and simply trying to be the first Divergent.”

  • Peyton

    The movie was good. However, I read the books as we’ll and they left out a bunch of parts from the book.

  • Nandini

    These reviews are kinda harsh, but tbh the movie fell short of my expectations.