20 Pics From When Your Fave Stars Were Instagram Newbies

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Instagram is one of our fave social media platforms. We love taking pictures and checking out all of our friend's posts. Plus, it's always fun to see what celebrities are posting! Celebs always take amazing pictures from all over the world and post them to their accounts. We have serious FOMO whenever we see their pics!

So, for this week's throwback Thursday we wanted to look back at some of the first Instagram posts of your fave celebs. Scroll through the gallery to see the pics and find out when they were taken! Then tell us, who had the best first Instagram post? Let us know in the comments below!

1. Colton Haynes: April 2012

"Finding light within the cave."


2. Troian Bellisario: July 2011

"My on set setup"


3. Chloe Moretz: October 2011


4. Harry Styles: May 2012



5. Niall Horan: April 2012

"Its soo god da** bright in here ! Need blinds!"


6. Britney Spears: November 2011

"So the boys from The Wanted came to my Wembley show & we hung out backstage! Love them! I've asked them to open my show in Manchester on Sunday. Who's coming? Going to be a lot of fun!! -Brit"


7. Sarah Hyland: June 2012

"Barkley says hello to instagram"


8. Hilary Duff: march 2012

"Testing 1,2,3 :)"


9. Ian Somerhalder: december 2012

"Barkley says hello to instagram"


10. Lea Michele: August 2012

"mom, dad & me (aka baby Rachel Berry)"


11. Hailee Steinfeld: November 2011

"Just received the most beautiful handbag and the most spectacular pair of shoes from Miu Miu. Celine and Lily, I LOVE YOU!!!"


12. Lupita Nyngo'o: December 2013

"A memory for all time: when I met one of my heroes, Oprah!"


13. Naya Rivera: March 2013

"First Instagram post goes to the lil Santana!"


14. Nina Dobrev: October 2012

"Check out this month's @SELFmagazine"

Instagram/Self Magazine

15. Taylor Swift: October 2011

"Found this photo of my grandmother. So lovely."


16. Vanessa Hudgens: December 2012

"Oh. Hello. Officially on Instagram."


17. Emma Roberts: January 2012



18. Victoria Justice: January 2012

"Every rose has it's thorn... Isn't this pretty?"


19. Lauren Conrad: December 2011



20. Lily Collins: November 2013

"Beyond a shadow of a doubt..."


Did you see the Instagram video of Justin and Selena dancing?!

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