10 Sasha Pieterse Secrets Pretty Little Liars Fans Won’t be Able to Keep

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Sasha Pieterse plays one of the biggest mean girls on television. We see her every week as Alison DiLaurentis on Pretty Little Liars and we're always amazed by her acting. Girl has some serious skills! It's not easy being mean, especially when Sasha is so sweet IRL!

The show is such a hit that we've all fallen in love with the PLL girls, including Sasha! All of us love to hate her character and because of that we want to know more about this beautiful blonde actress. So, we did some digging to bring you more information about this talented lady! Take a look at the gallery below to see 10 secret facts you didn't know about Sasha! Read through all of the facts and then tell us, which one surprised you the most? Sound off in the comments!

1. She's been talented from a very young age!

Sasha got her start on TV when she was just 6 years old on the former WB network! She co-starred in a series called Family Affair and her career took off from there! More TV, commercials, and movies followed soon after!


2. She got her love for the entertainment world from her parents!

Sasha's parents were both professional dancers who performed all over the world! Sasha traveled with them and she grew up around the industry! It wasn't long until Sasha wanted to get involved in the business herself!


5. She was born in South Africa!

This blonde beauty was born in Johannesburg, South Africa. She then moved with her parents to Las Vegas, Nevada and then relocated to Los Angeles, where her career took off!


3. Her manager is Blake Lively's mom!

We knew these gorgeous blondes had to be connected somehow! Blake's mom, Elain Lively, is a manager in Los Angeles and currently co-manages Sasha! They should get these two in a movie together! Can you imagine?!


9. She filmed the PLL pilot when she was just 12 years old!

When Sasha landed the role of Alison DiLaurentis she was only 12! Crazy! Especially when she was supposed to be years older in the show!


4. She was on a Supercuts billboard!

When you have gorgeous hair like Sasha does, OBV popular salons are going to want you to represent them! We have serious hair envy!


6. Her grandma watches PLL!

Sasha told Elle, "My grandma invites people over to her house for it. She loves it." Aw!


7. Sasha's beauty icon? Jennifer Aniston!

Sasha told the Examiner, "I have to say Jennifer Aniston. Her personal style is very classy and clean. What she eats, and how she does her makeup. Everything's very clean and fresh. I really admire that about her." We agree Sasha!


8. She's a singer too!

Sasha isn't just an actress, she's a singer too! She released her 4th single, "No" back in December! Get it on iTunes now!


10. She didn't originally audition for Alison in PLL.

Sasha actually first auditioned for the part of Hanna. That role ended up going to Ashley Benson and Sasha landed the part of Ali. We think they both fit their parts perfectly!


Watch the cast of PLL play "Most Likely To" on the red carpet!

Watch Sasha's "R.P.M." Music Video!

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  • antonella

    era el chico o chica y y lo hizo por alison propia fiesta alison concia bethany el cuerpo mona bethany esta muerta dibujo de la casa de alison desde la tumba alison la casa de ali a que pruede mato a bethnay

  • Kate

    I think the Most Surprising was Sasha auditioned for Hannah, because 1st of all I already Knew that Sasha Was 12 when she was in the Pilot episode, So that one was not so surprising to me. And 2nd of all I also Already knew Sasha Was 6 When she was first on TV. And 3rd of all I once again Already knew that Sasha was born in South Africa. Now last but not least 4th of all, I also thought that the Jennifer Aniston “Secret” Was a it surprising!! :0 ( Surprising face!) -A
    ( Just Kidding I am not “A”, Why would I be Mean and Almost Kill people? Cause you know “A” almost killed people and actually did.
    – Kate

  • neelo

    oh man! this is great….only 6 years and she was in….keep it up!!

  • meizetang

    So yeah, you could meizetang http://gorgino.gr/original/ ingesting unhealthily, but I don’t truly see it being a long-lasting and maintainable practice for many people.

  • you guys

    are you guys stupid? if more than one source claims she was 12, she was 12. if she says so herself, she was definitely 12. stop trying to know it all

  • Alli

    Pilot episodes are filmed years before they actually air. So for the record, Sasha was twelve when they filmed the pilot, which is a huge accomplishment. And these are basic facts off of Wikipedia and imdb.

  • Salmah

    I’m just totally amazed by all the things I didn’t know about Sasha Pieterse ! Such a huge fan of her ! Love you Sasha Pieterse♥️

  • zineb

    so -A is toby !!

    • Isa

      -A é Ezra

    • Tropy

      A is WREN

    • InLoveWithPLL

      -A is Maya.We never saw the dead body,and if you think about it… I did not belive that either but then i wrote everything in a whiteboard and it’s possible,trying to discover c: -A TEAM : Sidney,Jenna,Lucas,Mona -> Maya aka -A *My Theory*

      • whatever

        There’s no sense. Earlier a.k.a in 9th or 8th grade, ‘A’ was ONLY after Ali, before she escape. And Maya didn’t know Ali then. And we know that ‘A ‘that was after Ali is the same who went after the girls later a.k.a s1. So she doesn’t have a reason to hate them. I agree for Lucas and Mona but not Maya. The fact we didn’t see the body doesn’t mean that Maya is A. Think about it.

  • Harper

    Ok look it is not that important you believe what you want to believe you don’t need to get into an internet war over people’s opinions it’s just stupid

  • stefanie schott

    Is her age that big of a deal I mean it says 12 go with it if you got a problem ask them instead of arguing grow up!

  • Tiana

    First of all, she was DEFINITELY 12. The show aired when she was 14, but they filmed in a year or 2 in advance. Second of all, I already knew all of this! <3

  • Natalie

    these are just simple facts and nothing suprised me :)

  • Natalie

    nothing suprised me, sorry, these are just simple facts

  • mel

    Her manager is Blake Lively’s mom? too crazy!

  • Émerline

    I can’t believe that she was just 12 years-old girl when her first scene was filmed.

  • facebook.com/secretsocietyofpll

    Sasha was 12 years old when she auditioned for the Role of Alison, she was almost 12 when shooting the premiere. She was 14 when PLL first aired.

  • Harvey

    She Started Pll When She was 14

    • Nicolette

      If a show has a “pilot” episode, usually that episode is recorded maybe a year to a year and a half before it’s release on television to the public. It’s recorded and then showed to producers and to small audiences in screenings to gauge the reception of the show by the audience.

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  • Iris

    She was born in south Africa??

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  • Mikaela

    She wasn’t 12 she was 14

    • Felipe

      She was 12 when they recorded the pilot.

      • erica

        nop she was 14 sorry to disapoint

    • meem

      Yeah I don’t think she was 12 either. Doing scenes like for a 12 year old that’s an age issue.
      Plus if you do the math, she’s 17 now.
      Pretty little liars came out like 3-4 years ago. She would atleast be 14-15 but not 12.

      • Fabiola

        Umm sorry to dissapoint but 17-4 is 13 and auditions are about a year earlier so yeah 12.

    • Harper

      Its says she was 12 on imdb i think they might know a bit more that u:)

      • jeleabe

        She’s 18 now, and it’s 2014. She wasn’t even casted as Alison until at least 2009, however the pilot was probably filmed in 2010. Just incase you can’t do math that’s no longer than 5 years ago. so there’s no way she was 12, she was at least 13 however she was actually 14 (it’s been confirmed). I needed to clear this up, and imbd isn’t always right anyone can enter info.

    • Amy

      She was 12, Sasha said in an interview that when they recorded the pilot she was 12, you can watch it on YouTube. Sorry to disappoint, buddy.

    • Marin

      She was twelve when she shot the pilot and 14 when it aired. She said it in an interview on YouTube. If you go on Swaysuniverse YouTube channel and skip to 12:05 she says it.