10 Fashion & Beauty Trends That Should Stay in the ’90s. Forever.

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The ’90s are all that… when it comes to television, music, toys and movies (even though they didn’t necessarily get great reviews). However, when it comes to fashion, beauty and the like, it’s a whole different ballgame; one that the decade will never win in a million years.

While we’re totally okay with some revivals, like hair bows and crop tops — visit our friends at Gurl for more comeback styles! — other trends, like the ones you’re about to see in the gallery below, are better left in the 1990s. Trust us.

Bucket Hats

...or just weird hats in general a la Blossom's.

Photo: NBC

Crimped Hair

It's like Hermione (circa The Sorcerer's Stone), only worse.

Bonus points if you alternated between crimped, curly and pin-straight pieces.

Photo: Getty

Big Logos

Aaliyah was able to pull it off in all of her Tommy Hilfiger ads, but that's about it.

Photo: Tommy Hilfiger

Frosted Tips


Photo: Getty

One-Shouldered Overalls

Honestly, we're happy to see that overalls are making a comeback. Just make sure to leave both straps on. You're not any cooler if you leave one hanging.

Photo: NBC

Tinted Sunglasses

On, and remember those shades that flip up? Yeah, leave those in the '90s too.

Photo: Warner Bros.

Chain Wallets

It's like letting thieves know exactly where your money is in the ugliest way ever. Cool.

Photo: Shutterstock

Golf Visors

Sorry, but are you planning on going golfing today? No? Then what's the point?

Photo: Shutterstock

All Denim Everything

Leave the look to early '00s Britney Spears & Justin Timberlake.

Photo: Tumblr

JNCO Jeans

What were people thinking??

Photo: Big 10 Tens

10 Things That Prove We’re Going Back in Time

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  • wensday

    uhhh no crimped hair should be the only hair style in the hole world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Trixie C. Valentine

    I can understand everything else but don’t hate the frosted tips.
    You go Adam!!!

  • Sammy

    What were we thinking back then?