8 Things Ariana Grande Fans Are Sick of Hearing

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Ariana Grande has a multitude of fans, but believe it or not — there are people out there who just plain don’t like her. In fact, not only do they not like her, but it seems as though these haters are all saying the same things, which they CLEARLY know nothing about.

So, we thought we’d round up eight things that Arianators are sick of hearing. Scroll below to see what we’re talking about!

1. She’s definitely not as good as Mariah Carey. Well, Ariana is her own person so…



2. Is she ever going to change her hair from that ponytail? She has on numerous occasion so just SHHH.



3. She’s just so girly. And your point is….?



4. Why is she always so cryptic about her personal life on Twitter? Because she wants to get her point across but doesn’t need to tell the whole story, that’s why.

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5. It seems like she doesn’t get along with her co-stars. Whatever! Just because they’re not attached at the hip doesn’t mean they’re not friendly.



6. She always seems sad. She’s one of the most happy-go-lucky-people ever! DUH!



7. Did you hear that she cheated on Jai Brooks? You guys, only THEY know what really went down during their break up. We can’t assume…



8. The way she talks is soooo annoying. YOU’RE ANNOYING!



Do you agree? Anything we’re missing? Sound off in the comments!

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  • Arianas Slippers

    Okay so really all these hate comments are just like wow. I honestly have no words, Is that really how jealous you are you horrible haters?
    honestly I know she hasn’t done anything wrong to you,
    she can perform her performances the way she likes,
    she can touch her hair from morning to night,
    she can do anything and everything she wants to,
    her voice is gorgeous,
    her vocals are something I had never imagined id hear or see,
    when I went to her concert once she blew my mind away from my head!
    and I even met her at the meet and greet she is the sweetest most kindest loving thing ever,
    if you ask her for a picture she would never say no!
    I asked her for 7 pictures and when we took the last one she said “Do you want one more?” I asked her why and she said “for fun! cause obviously 7 aren’t enough if your a fan cause I have been a fan of others before and I know how it feels”
    she knows how I feel
    she knows how we feel!
    she is so AMAZINg and she even calls her fans “lovies”
    so idek what’s the point of hating her, there’s really no point into that.
    oh and if you know so much about her than ur obsessed with her,
    if you love her shes in your heart
    if you hate her shes In your mind
    and haters, Just know that ari once punched a guy right in the face for calling her brother “gay” so be careful

    • Carla

      I’m neither a fan nor a hater of Ariana Grande, and all your points seemed legit except the last one, because I really don’t see how calling someone gay is so offensive. I know the guy who called her brother gay meant to be offensive, but it’s nearly just as bad to take it as an insult when it’s not.

  • Katie

    She touches her hair wayyyy too much. In every performance I’ve seen, she is touching/messing with her hair the WHOLE TIME.

  • ben

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  • angryparent10

    what i got to say is fuck all that shit what the fuck yall talking you assholes mutherfuckers

    • revenge15

      If u want to say something, fine. Just go right ahead. But know that whatever you say will just be glance and a snicker.

  • Sammy



      Shut Up