5 Ways Hannah Montana Was Actually the Worst Disney Channel Show

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As hard as it may be to believe, Hannah Montana wasn't a great influence. We know it was one of the highest-rated Disney Channel shows of all time, but for real, the Miley Cyrus-led television series didn't leave a good impression on young minds. (And we're not just talking about the singer's horrendous wardrobe.) So, like we did for Doug, Saved by the Bell and other old faves, here are all the reasons Hannah Montana was actually the worst:

1. Girl had attitude — and not always in a good way. Can you say diva?

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2. Child neglect. Despite being a brat most of the time, Miley/Hannah was Daddy's little angel. But what about Jackson? You know, Miley's older brother. There were multiple episodes citing that he felt ignored by his father and overshadowed by his younger sibling. Miley might as well have been an only child with Robby Ray's bad parenting toward his eldest.

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3. Males are portrayed as idiots. From Jackson to Oliver, Jake to Rico, why is Miley constantly surrounded by moronic boys?

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4. LIE! We get that Miley didn't want the world knowing she was also Hannah Montana, but something's gotta give (besides her inner circle of Oliver, Lilly and eventually, like, Jesse). Her dad could've at least informed her school; there had to have been someone trustworthy in there.

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5. Boys wearing "girl" clothing is funny. In today's day and age, it's disappointing to see this kind of discrimination — especially on a tween TV show where the audience is so impressionable.

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Here's what the Divergent cast really thinks about Miley Cyrus:

10 Trends to Look Exactly Like Miley Cyrus

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  • lilly rampersad

    I used to watch that show when I was younger and it really wasn’t that bad but it wasn’t a favourite.

  • lilly rampersad

    I used to watch that show as a kid and to tell you the truth I loved it. THEN

  • Savannah

    I’ve learned waaaay more life lessons from dog with a blog and ant farm than from this dumb show. I never liked this show. Btw, for those who don’t don’t get number five, it’s because it could possibly be offensive to gays. But under certain circumstances, it could be a little funny.

  • Andrea

    This is totally wrong!! This show was outstanding Hannah Montana was my role model, she showed me many things as a little girl and she now is a big part of my life and she marked my childhood I love this show no matter how much it is criticized.

  • Lexi Hoefer

    Hannah Montana was an awesome show that taught great life lessons. She was also a great person to look up to at the time.

  • Deunta

    Umm no Hannah montana was not a bad show, it was a great show. @Npl shake it up was not bad either, I liked shake it up. Now Dog With A Blog, A.N.T Farm, those are some bad shows

  • Mitchyboo

    wrong this was one of the best shows. All those things are what made people interested in the show !

  • Sharna’I Ivory

    Shutup !! Hannah was the best show ever !!

  • Andrea

    Let’s just be thankful it isn’t a show about A DOG WITH A BLOG!

  • dylan

    show how much they know if they watch every ep’s of Hannah Montana they know it has more good life lessons than bad

  • Ashlee

    This is so stupid

  • Tory

    Hannah Montana was a great show.

    And the last one is ridiculous. Because it is funny.

  • Ann

    jeeze, god forbid that the boys look dumb instead of the girls. that men’s roles are dumbed down or overshadowed instead of women. that little
    girls have a main character to look up to. Hannah Montana was a great show for young girls.

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  • Npl

    Um, Shake it up sucked!

    • Deunta

      Umm no shake it up wasn’t bad, I liked shake it up, now Dog With A Blog, ANT farm those are some bad shows

  • Sammy

    This was my absolute favorite show!