13 of the Most Likable Celebrities in Hollywood Right Now

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Wikia (Degrassi)

Wikia (Degrassi)

Jennifer Lawrence is one of our all-time biggest girl crushes, yet there are some out there who don’t appreciate her quirky personality (or *gasp* even her acting). Anna Kendrick and Emma Watson are beloved by most, but not by all. And even Beyonce — the QUEEN — has her haters. However, there are actually celebs out there who have practically zero dagger eyes aimed at them.

From Emma Stone to Ed Sheeran, here are 13 of the most likable stars in Hollywood, proving that some people can actually be accepted by everyone:

Mila Kunis

As much as her character had her annoying qualities on That '70s Show, the world is in love with Ashton Kutcher's main squeeze.

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Ed Sheeran

One Direction gets plenty of haterade tossed its way, but there's only love for the lads' bestie.

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Jennifer Hudson

Unlike her Dreamgirls costar, Queen Bey, there's no one in this universe who has a bad word to say about J.Hud.

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Chris Evans

He is the all-American man everyone dreams of.

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Amy Adams

J.Law has a few non-supporters, but everyone's all about the woman who starred opposite her in American Hustle.

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Chris Hemsworth

His brother, Liam, has been the center of MAJOR drama over the past year or so, but never the elder Hemsworth, who's now the father of the three cutest children EVER.

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Emma Stone

This one's a no-brainer — has she very played an unlikable character? Didn't think so.

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Jimmy Fallon

You know he's every celebs' talk show BFF.

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Natalie Portman

She's like a real-life angel.

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Joseph Gordon-Levitt

If you ever meet anyone that isn't into JGL, get rid of 'em — FAST.

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Reese Witherspoon

Even with her DUI dramz, there's no denying the love for Elle Woods.

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Robert Downey, Jr.

Iron Man. 'nuff said.

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Sandra Bullock

She is Miss Congeniality after all.

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  • TeamBella76

    What are you talking about Jennifer is loved more then the people you listed ! Sure you have haters nobody doesn’t have a hater but that’s what happens when you become popular. And for those hating what’s up with you ? Your life suck that much ? I think some celebs aren’t real but I don’t hate them and the Kardashians don’t count their not real celebs.

    To hate someone takes a lot of time and energy PEOPLE SHOULD GET A LIFE !

  • Janet

    As much as I enjoyed watching Where the Heart Is, I really dislike Natalie Portman and as much as I love Enchanted movie though Im 25 and still watch it from time to time, I also dislike Amy Adams. I don’t believe in there I’m nice and cool and sweet attitude. Ive never seen Iron Man so I don’t care for RDJ. Elle woods left an impression on me but not as much to like RW. The rest I love. Sandy Bullock is just amazing.

  • Ann

    I love Joseph Gordon-Levitt. He’s such a down to earth guy who’s in the biz for the right reasons. I see so many so-called celebs who you can tell just want fame and attention. I have seen on other sites in the past that JGL is one of the most liked and respected actors in the biz and more than anything, other actors, directors, etc know if someone is a good guy or not. Look at Katherine Heigl, no one likes her anymore and many don’t want to work with her.

  • Mers

    Emma Watson!!!!!!!

  • Julius Maloney

    I’m not sure apathy equates to likability.

  • RoRo



    ALL of these “celebrities” are hated by MOST of the public. This is another stupid PR article.

  • Or Nah

    Actually, I see a lot of negative comments about Mila. I’m not sure why, but there’s a lot of negativity on many other websites. I would agree with Sammy above too, but a lot of people don’t like Jennifer Lawrence and many people don’t like Shailene because they think she’s a hypocrite by saying she doesn’t have a phone and then she does and they think she made an uneducated judgement call on the Twilight series, which people found to be both ungrateful of her considering they paved the way for her movie and wrong in general considering she only took a fraction of the story and based a negative opinion on it as a whole. I don’t dislike either girls but if Teen put them on this list, there would be much backlash.

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  • Sammy

    Shailene Woodley and Jennifer Lawrence!