10 Celebrity Board Games That Actually Exist in Real Life

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Fangirling is rough job — have you seen all the stages involved? Fortunately for those involved, there are many ways to let out all those bunched up feelings — including via board games!

That’s right, courtesy of the lovely folks over at Milton Bradley, Parker Brothers, Hasbro, etc. over the years, we’ve been given multiple ways to engage with our faves in the comfort of our own homes on the floor or table. Whether you love One Direction, Hannah Montana, Bruce Jenner(?) or just have to see these with your own eyes to believe ’em, here are ten celebrity/pop culture board games that actually exist IRL:

Hannah Montana CD Board Game

Photo: eBay

Justin Bieber

Photo: Rakuten

One Direction Girl Talk

Photo: Hasbro

Backstreet Boys Around the World Game

Photo: Amazon

*NSYNC Backstage Pass

Photo: Amazon

Bruce Jenner Decathlon Game

Photo: Parker Brothers

Dr. Who Monopoly

Photo: Parker Brothers

Sabrina, the Teenage Witch Board Game

Photo: eBay

Do the Urkel!

Photo: Milton Bradley

Vanilla Ice Electronic Rap Game

Photo: Board Game Geek

Britney Spears Twister Dance Rave

Okay, so it's not really a board game, but it's still a really good time, so can we call it a bonus?

Photo: Hasbro

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  • travionna

    love it and it is so funny

  • Sammy

    I’m pretty sure I had that NSYNC game haha