8 Surprising Facts You Didn’t Know About Glee

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Glee is a show that has had its ups and downs, but pretty much everyone has at least something to say about it. As its rocky fifth season comes to a close, we thought we'd look back at some little known facts about the FOX show.

For example — did you know that Dianna Agron was cast as Quinn Fabray the night before they filmed the pilot?! Pretty crazy, right? To learn more surprising facts about Glee, click through the gallery below!

1. Dianna Agron Joined the Cast at the Last Minute

"The role of Quinn Fabray was not cast until the night before filming began." (via IMDB)

Photo: FOX

2. It Took Some Time For Kevin McHale to Get Used to the Wheelchair

"Several times during filming they had to stop rolling to tell Kevin McHale to stop tapping his feet to the beat of the music." (via IMDB)

Photo: FOX

3. New Directions Losing Regionals WASN'T Supposed to Lose Regionals

"New Directions was originally supposed to win regionals at the end of the first season, as Series Creator Ryan Murphy didn't think the show was going to be picked up for a second season. When he became aware a second season was going to be made he changed the outcome of the season one finale, to make their drive to win in the second season more passionate." (via IMDB)

Photo: FOX

4. Matthew Morrison & Kristen Chenoweth Have Quite the Age Gap

"Mr. Shue says that he was a freshman when April Rhodes was a senior in high school. In real life, Kristen Chenowith is 10 years older than Matthew Morrison." (via IMDB)

Photo: FOX

5. Brittany's Cat Has a Bad Reputation

Lord Tubbington, Britney's cat, real name is Eragon. He also lives with another cat named Beezus. They were both featured on 'My Cat from Hell' a TV show for misbehaved cats." (via IMDB

Photo: FOX

6. Jayma Mays Is Just Like Ms. Pillsbury IRL

Much like her character Emma Pillsbury, Jayma Mays has a peanut butter and jelly sandwich every day." (via IMDB)

Photo: FOX

7. Quinn Fabray Almost Wasn't Quinn

Originally, Quinn's character was named Liz Fabray. (via IMDB)

Photo: FOX

8. There's Another Suspiscious Age Gap For Mrs. Shue

"Jessalyn Gilsig and Matthew Morrison play high school sweethearts when in fact Gilsig is 7 years older." (via IMDB)

Photo: FOX

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