Proof That Karen Gillan Is Legit Taking Over Hollywood

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If you don't know who Karen Gillan is — get familiar, because this actress is slowly (but surely) taking over Hollywood. Now, some of you probably recognize her thanks to her role on the ever-so-popular British series Dr. Who, but she has a very other things down the pipeline that you should know about sooner rather than later.

We're all about keeping our readers informed, so we broke down a few of the reasons why she'll be a household name in no time. So click through the gallery below to see what we're talking about!

1. Shonda Rimes Wanted Her For a 'Secret' Project

According to Entertainment Weekly, Karen was approached by Scandal creator Shonda Rimes to be part of a "top secret" project, but Karen had to decline because of other commitments.


2. She's Starring In 'Guardians of the Galaxy'...

...which is basically Marvel's next big series that is being projected to be as big as The Avengers. She plays a character named Nebula and said of filming the movie: "I loved every second of working on that film. It was so exciting, I love my character so much. Just working on a film of that scale, I’d never done that before. So it was amazing to see what it’s like. And all those fight sequences! Whoa."

3. She Is a SERIOUSLY Dedicated Actress

For her role in Guardians of the Galaxy she SHAVED HER HEAD. Not many people (or actresses, rather) would do that.


4. She Can Play Scared Like Nobody's Business

Karen starred in the horror flick Oculus (that came out on April 11) and was basically the best thing about the whole movie.

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5. She's Starring in an ABC Pilot

Karen filmed a pilot for ABC called Selfie, which is a modern day take on My Fair Lady. Basically she plays a character who is so obsessed with her online persona being liked that she doesn't realized people don't really like her in REAL life. Fingers crossed it gets picked up!

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6. She's Got Another Movie In the Pipeline

In addition to everything else she's working on, Karen is also set to star in the upcoming movie The List.


Watch: The Guardians of the Galaxy Trailer!

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