Justin Bieber Crashes Drake Bell’s Album Release Party

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Drake Bell's constantly informing the world about his disdain for Justin Bieber, most recently in an interview with BuzzFeed (in which he also took jabs at Ariana Grande and Lady Gaga). And the 20-year-old singer's kept quiet about it… until now.

Last night, Drake Bell held his album release party at The Grove, and guess who stopped by — yup, JB himself. *mic drop* Drake attempted to make nice with the Biebs, tweeting him after he learned of his arrival:

Sorry, DB — did you really think the "As Long As You Love Me" singer was there to SUPPORT you?? Although Justin never wrote back to Drake directly, here's what he had to say about his brief stint: So "nice seeing my fans at the grove tonight."

Well played, Justin. What do you think of the ongoing feud? Which side are you on — Team Bell or Team Bieber? Tell us in the comments below, or on our Justin Bieber message board!

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  • liz

    Not really either team. They’re both being immature.

  • Sammy

    This is getting way too out of hand!

  • ???

    Is that what you guys call crashing a party? Pick that mic up cause this is actually really lame. Looks like you guys are running out of things to publish.. smh

  • zoe
  • Madeline

    Team Bell!

  • Melissa Hernandez

    It almost feels like a high school feud. Two children fighting for the heck of it. Drake is a know-it-all (even if he is just a kid himself), he thinks he is so awesome. HUGE ego. Just like Justin. It’s just the battle of the ego.

  • Kayla

    This is the most biased article on the face of the planet. Why don’t you just tell the story without picking a side?

    • Lena

      The Story: DB started talking shit in 2012 and Continued it until 2014. Justin didn’t respond like many other people would have. He let him talk, Responded like a little bit, and he did something about it. Not much more to it

      • keller

        yeah, and the only thing justin said after drake was dissing him was that he love the dhow in which drake starred and even then drake continued dissing him

  • Sarah

    Team Bell, always. And even if I hadn’t been Team Bell for over 10 years, Teen.com has always been biased in Justin’s favor, even when he hasn’t seemed to deserve it.

    • Lena

      You’re being a bit of hypocrite. You’re Biased to Bell because you were “on his team for 10 years”.
      Sarah. Drake Bell started it, and you know what Justin’s first response was? He said he used to love his show.
      No one told Drake bell to constantly talk crap afterwards.

  • dylan

    i am jb just becoz bell dissed ariana

  • Maisie

    justin bieber sucks butts

  • Rachael

    Never liked Bieber.

  • Tina

    Just stop. They’re just dissing each other for the heck of it. It doesn’t help that this article is incredibly biased about Justin Bieber.

  • Reanna

    Team Bell all the way! I never liked Justin Bieber and I never will.

  • Shameme Adams

    I am on Justin’s, this Drake guy shouldn’t be bullying him like he is doing, it’s not right or fair. He was the one who starting it all. Why Justin turned up I have no idea but maybe he was (genuinely) wanting to be pals!. I love him. I am a sick girl from England and one of my greatest dreams is to meet Justin, please help me do this if you are in a position where you are able. I also have a Facebook group ‘CAMPAIGN FOR SHAMEME ADAMS TO MEET JUSTIN BIEBER’!! #BELIEVE

  • Bianca

    I don’t like JB but well played