The Week in Review, As Expressed in Naya Rivera GIFs

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Even though we utilized Chris Colfer's GIF-able talents for the last edition of Week in Review, we're staying on the Glee train for the latest round-up of celeb stories with the help of… Naya Rivera! 'cause even though there's supposedly a lot of drama on the set, we still can't help but <3 the one and only Santana Lopez.

The 2014 MTV Movie Awards were held on Sunday; they were (somewhat) entertaining.

Wikia (Glee)

So, it looks like there's a new man in Dianna Agron's lifeLily Collins' (hopefully EX) boyfriend.

Zeta Boards

Simpsonizers are still upset that Cody Simpson was kicked off Dancing with the Stars, but at least he has a new music video. That's something, right?

Tumblr (lidasemak)

There's major debate going on over some of Vanessa Hudgens' latest Instagram pictures.

Wiffle GIF

Send your get well wishes to Miley Cyrus — girl's been in the hospital for days.

Tumblr (valerieannvargas)

You guys, the If I Stay trailer looks freaking amazing! Fangirl mode, activated.

Zeta Boards

Aaand the public already hates Zac Efron's new girlfriend.

Tumblr (danysalternate)

The rumors circulating about the X-Men: Days of Future Past director will leave you reacting somewhat like this:

Tumblr (ad11)

There are almost no words to describe our feelings about the Mrs. Doubtfire sequel.

Tumblr (nayariverarpgifs)

Finally, may we just mention One Direction's new music video?

Wikia (Glee)

Glee adds *SPOILER* to its Season 5 cast!

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  • Tina

    Naya Rivera/Santana Lopez is the possibly the most gifable person.

  • iheartdi

    please post thing like this but with dianna agron gifs pleasee!!

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  • KC

    This is stupid

  • Riley

    The new One direction video wasn’t hot. The are so many fangirling gif of Naya Rivera but you chose these least exciting one.

  • Jamie