12 Things You’ll Only Understand If You’re NOT a Morning Person

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There are plenty of surefire signs you’re a morning person. You always wake up before your alarm goes off; “sleeping in” on a weekend means you’re up somewhere between 8 and 9am; you judge friends who sleep in past 1… However, there are an equal amount of surefire signs you’re NOT a morning person, too. Here are 12 things you’ll only understand if you hate mornings:

1. The snooze button was invented for you personally. Though, you’re not always nice to it.

2. Multiple alarms are absolutely necessary for you to have any chance of getting out of bed. God forbid you forget to set ’em.

3. And even with all your alarms set, your parents still come in to wake you up at times. “What are you doing? You’re gonna be late for school!”

4. Your go-to plea:

5. Anything before noon might as well be sunrise to you. THIS:

6. You get physically angry when you receive a call or text before you want to wake up. Unless it’s an emergency, please hold all messages until mid-day. Thanks.

7. Weekends are a time for rest. Forget errands you don’t have time for while you’re at school, sleep is far more important.

Tumblr (friday-night-dinner)

Tumblr (friday-night-dinner)

8. The absolute WORST things you can experience in the morning: Chirping birds…

…jackhammering, sawing and other various forms of construction…

…and happiness of any kind. How can people smile before the clock strikes 12 in the afternoon??

Wikia (iCarly)

Wikia (iCarly)

9. When you’re finally up out of bed, it takes a good hour before you can officially start your day. Anytime someone questions your crankiness, all hell breaks loose.

10. Exercise — in the morning?? HA! Wait… you’re not joking. People actually have the ability to do that?

WordPress (thebookfox)

WordPress (thebookfox)

11. Cereal is the only thing you make time for in terms of breakfast. Anything else requires too much effort to make yourself, so unless dear ol’ Mom or Dad wanna be nice and scramble up some eggs for ya, it’s not happening.

12. Morning classes are a serious struggle. Even if you somehow manage to get in on time — which is tough enough as it is because you’re almost always late in leaving your house — you can’t help but drift off.

*HOWEVER, there’s a form of reprieve for some. One word: COFFEE.

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