REPORT: Naya Rivera Fired from Glee After Feud with Lea Michele

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Looks like Rachel Berry gets her way (again). After word got out that there's been major drama on the set of Glee between showrunners Lea Michele and Naya Rivera, reports are now surfacing that Santana Lopez will not be making a return for the FOX series' sixth season because the former Broadway star got Big Sean's ex FIRED.

PopWrapped's co-founder, Zachary Jaydon, confirmed the shocking news on Twitter:

Now, fans are rallying behind the 27-year-old actress because WTF, RYAN MURPHY???

Are you surprised by the decision? Will you still watch Glee without Santana? Tell us all your Gleek-y thoughts in the comments below because this is some serious stuff.

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  • Frank

    If she was wrong she was wrong. Seems her beef was with Brad Falcuk though.

  • maris vega

    Lea(rachel) made me her fan for a second, ofcourse from season1 my elder brother called her “the annoying singer” its always about her, she makes the wrong decision and is so stupid (no offence) naya is great, she is lesbianically awesome…she made glee interesting and after “finn” died I focused on mrs lopez, she even made me cry, she’s not like rachel lea berry annoying! Naya is the best and what’s wrong with “lea” someone should let her know its not all bout her and everytime she sings, I end up sleeping! (Thumbs down) she’s a bore, oh wait I mean “an annoying crazy bore” screw u R.. If naya doesn’t get back to glee then I think rachel should sing with lea,berry and michele and call it the RLBM show! Mrs little diva!!!!! I already knew she’d go all diva one day!

  • Alex

    Lea’s a bitch.

  • Jodie

    Naya was the only reason why I watched Glee after Cory died. Her and Amber and Kurt. Lea’s been acting like a diva lately and it’s pretty obvious she’s such a fake. She’s so good at acting, she almost made me a fan of hers at one point! Glee is terrible now and it’s going to be worse. Why don’t we just call it The Rachel Berry Show from now on? Yeah? Yeah.

  • Sammy

    Of course they can’t get rid of Lea.

  • Abby

    I hate how people take rumors and act like they’re fact. The same things got said a year or two ago about Lea and Kate Hudson , that they were fighting and Lea was horrible to her and look how that turned out. The two were actually friends and Kate gave Lea use of her home after Cory died. Until a real reason for this whole mess comes out I believe nothing I’m reading. People need to think…yeah Lea is the star but she could not force the writers, producers and Fox to fire someone just because they don’t get along. There is something deeper going on here.

  • Shelly

    No Naya no Glee, period.

  • Samantha

    I mean, way before Cory even passed away, Glee started to lose it’s sparkle. And we all know how Lea can be. I’ve read countless things where she is irritable to work with. Something stupid must have happened, and Glee can’t be Glee without now not one, but TWO of the main original cast members gone. The show has gone to shit, and we should just hope Naya gets a better job ASAP!

  • Gunny

    Most recent reports from the set state that it had nothing to do with Lea because she wasn’t there and she doesn’t have the power to get rid of someone. I think it will all settle down during the break between seasons. I do feel sorry for Naya fans though. I loved Santana and Rachel as friends. I love the show and will continue to watch.

  • les

    If its true that she’s gone from the show then they really are a bunch of morons. After Cory Monteith died I knew Glee was on it’s last stand. But now getting rid of the only queer regular female character is a joke. Santana Lopez represents the queer women on the show and brought some comedy to the show without all the cookie cutter crap. Without her all you have is a bunch of gay dudes and the little selfish main character that got annoying several seasons ago. I hope when Glee finally tanks Lea Michele goes along with it.

  • Kim

    What is that bullshit? Lea is not responsible for Naya getting fired or for Naya’s actions. Lea is not a producer on the show and has no decision making. You give no proof or anything to point to Lea having a say in what happened to Naya. What awful “journalism”. You link to an old story that has two version of what happened so why would you say one is the truth over the other without some proof.

  • Jenny