10 Facts Only True Gleeks Would Know About Dianna Agron

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Today calls for a celebration — it’s Dianna Agron‘s birthday! Yes, Miss Quinn Fabray turns 28 today; not a milestone year or anything, but it’s still pretty cool. So, in honor of the actress’ day of birth, everything’s coming up Dianna this Woman Crush Wednesday. Here are ten facts about the Glee star that only true Gleeks would know:

Dianna Elise Agron should've been Dianna Elise Agronsky.

Her last name was altered when her family first immigrated to the US.

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She's very picky when it comes to her food.

Not only is she vegetarian, but she also can't stand when foods touch each other on her plate.

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She had a guest-star stint on Nickelodeon.

Look at her on Drake & Josh!

Photo: Nickelodeon

She has a love of animals.

Her favorite: elephants.

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Her nickname is 'Little Lamb.'

And you'll never guess what her mother's name is — Mary. Mary had a little lamb, little lamb...

Photo: Getty

She's NOT a fan of needles.

Or getting her blood drawn for that matter.

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She roomed with Glee co-star Lea Michele.

During the show's first season, the on-screen enemies were roommates in real life. Lea said that she and Dianna would "have these smackdowns at work and come home and are like, 'Wasn't it so funny when we were fighting today? Let's make cookies!"

Photo: WENN

She has a passion for fantasy.

Pirates, skulls, witchcraft — you name it.

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13 is her lucky number.

Di's probably the only person in the world who lives for Friday the 13th.

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She was the last lead character to be cast on Glee.

Dianna auditioned for/was cast as Quinn Fabray just days before shooting began on the pilot episode.

Photo: FOX

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